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I got accepted into a Masters program!

Just wanted to disclose that I got a letter from Johns Hopkins University’s Engineering school stating that I’ve been accepted for admission into the Fall 2007 semester for one of their Masters programs. I won’t say which program though (privacy reasons), but I’ll be doing it part-time.

The overall program costs about $28,000 (give or take a couple grand), but my employer reimburses about $5200 per year. I’ll spread out the program to 3 years, so that will be $15,600 covered by my employer. At best, that leaves me paying about $13,000 out of pocket (mostly in 2008), assuming I take 2 classes each semester (fall, spring, summer).

The next step is to work out my program with my assigned advisor and get it approved.

FYI, I also applied to University of Maryland, which would be much cheaper, but my application was late and I was moved to Spring 2008. I didn’t want to wait for that long to get started, and UMD’s campus is a pain to commute to, so I decided to choose Hopkins. Hopkins has a campus about 5 miles away, and in lesser traffic corridors.

Thanks for all your well-wishes when I announced that I was applying! I’ll keep you all up to date on the process as things get moving.

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  • Just wanted to say that congratulations on the acceptance. I’ve been a fan for a while now and it’s really great to see good things happen to you.

    Good luck and study hard!

  • Congrats! I know that my employer offers about the same reimbursement value for for furthering education each year. They have an agreement with the MBA program at JH also. I think once I meet the 2 years out of school qualification I’ll apply for that program.

    Good luck and congrats again. Can’t do better then John Hopkins

    Just wondering, did you use any of your blogging experience in your application?

  • Thanks guys!

    Dan, I mentioned my site (not the URL) in my UMD app, but not for Hopkins. However, I don’t think I actually want them matching up my site with me. It’s bad enough my bosses know about my site!

  • Congrats Clever Dude!!!! Go on and get that ‘ed-joo-ma-kay-shun’ on! Then when you graduate and you are making the big bucks you can adopt us all! And then change the name of the blog to CleverRichDude!!!!! 🙂

  • Hey, congrats!

    2 classes over the summer…that’s pretty ambitious. I did that once and I barely made it through.

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