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I Expected A Rebate Check, But Got A Merchandise Credit Instead


The return address on the envelope indicated my rebate from Menards, a big box hardware store, had arrived. A few months ago I purchased a plastic, put it together yourself shed that was on sale AND had a $50 mail in rebate. I opened the envelope expecting to find a check, instead I found a merchandise voucher good only for Menards. I dug out the copy of the rebate form I had kept, and sure enough, the print on the form stated the rebate would be in the form of a merchandise rebate.

I was expecting a cash rebate, instead I got a merchandise credit.

This seems to be a common practice for Menards. Doing a little research, many of their rebates are in the form of merchandise credit. It’s certainly a smart move on their part, as it gets a customer back in the store, likely buying more than the value of the merchandise credit. The problem in my case, however, is that I’m more of a technology guy than a build things with my hands guy. I don’t buy a lot of tools, and I don’t buy a lot of building equipment.

The good news is, there are plenty of things I can do with my $50 merchandise voucher that has nothing to do with tools or building something. Here are some every day items that I can buy at Menards:

Propane Tank

We have a fire table that is fueled by a propane tank. The fire table has been getting heavy use this summer, and we’ll be needing a new tank soon.

Grilling Supplies

I fire up my grill or smoker several times a week. I can use the merchandise credit for charcoal, wood chunks or any of a variety of grilling utensils they have in stock.


I can use my merchandise voucher to buy bundles of firewood for those nights where we opt for the crackle of a real fire in place of the propane fire table.


Believe it or not, but Menards sells a surprising amount of chips, cookies and sometimes even frozen pizza. I might just take a trip through their food aisles and see what products they carry that we use at home anyway.

Let me be clear, Menards didn’t do anything deceitful, as the terms of the rebate were plainly stated on the rebate form. I just wasn’t paying attention, and was surprised by the rebate being in the form of a merchandise credit. Even though I don’t shop hardware stores often, the credit will still be extremely useful.

How about you, Clever Friends, have you ever unexpectedly received a rebate in the form of a merchandise credit?

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