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I earned 25,000 bonus points from AmEx

It took almost 9 weeks, but I finally earned the 25,000 extra points from the American Express Business Gold Rewards Card. This can convert into $250 worth of gift cards, a plane ticket, or a $125 statement credit:

american express bonus rewards points

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  • Anyone want to share which gift cards they are choosing? My points just showed up this week, too. Since we need actual money now more than gift cards to any of these stores, I tried to see which gift cards sold for the most on Ebay. Seems like the Home Depot, Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel each go for about 90 percent of face value, most of the time. Of course, you also have to factor in Ebay fees plus most likely Paypal fees, too, so seems like 80% of face value would be your net. Still, $200ish through paypal is better than the simple $125 in Amex Credits.

    Anyone have good suggestions on how to turn this into the maximum cash value?

  • I’d rather just spend it all on useless junk that will clutter my home 🙂

    Actually, there’s a lot of stores and services we’re interested in spending at (for things already in scope for our budget). But that’s a good idea to sell the cards if you just don’t need them.

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