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Win H&R Block TaxCut Premium RIGHT HERE!

UPDATE: Winner announced here.

Since I’ve already done my taxes this year, I can’t take advantage of this free TaxCut Online Premium + eFile ($29.95 value) deal, but if you’re a slacker and haven’t done your taxes yet, you can benefit!

H&R Block has provided one free keycode to TaxCut Online Premium + eFile for one of my readers and has given me free reign on defining the rules. Additionally, anyone who files using TaxCut between now and April 15 is entered to win a family vacation in Cancun!

Rules for this Contest

  1. Contest will run until 6pm Eastern on Saturday, March 29th. No entries will be accepted after 6pm Saturday time.
  2. To enter, leave a comment on this post. Feel free to leave a story about doing your taxes.
  3. Only one entry per person. There’s ways around this, but if you cheat, you’re a disappointment to your mama and should be ashamed.
  4. Make sure to leave your correct email address when you comment.
  5. I will use an online random number generator to pick the winning entry from qualifying entries (see rule #2 about what qualifies) and will post the winning entry.


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  • Awesome. Well, most of my experiences are with filling out 1040EZ or using TaxCut online. I haven’t tried the other applications, but my taxes are simple enough that it’s easier for me to keep using TaxCut since I can roll over last years information into this years.

  • Very nice…

    My little story?
    Not that interesting, but I used to file taxes on my own up until 2 years ago. Hubby and I got married, bought a house, got ourself some of those 401(k) and Roth IRA things 😉 … Taxes became a headache, so I used TaxCut last year and because I am not looking forward to having to do taxes again this year, I didn’t get started…
    Might be just my luck :o)

  • Great program! I used to use Turbo Tax before, but since year 2001 I switched to TaxCut and I love it since. The price is a bit cheaper than Turbo Tax, but it has the same update information and it’s very friendly user, much easier to toggle around forms than Turbo Tax. I always got update online every time I open up the program, so I rest assure that I got the most current tax regulation on my return. I love to be in control of my tax return, that’s why I like to do the tax myself instead of taking to paid preparer.

  • I’ve always had someone at my university help me with it and since this is the first year I am out alone in the “real” world with a job, its kinda overwhelming. But yes, I still have 2 and a half weeks to get over it and do my taxes 😀

  • Last year I filed an extension and then even missed the extension by an hour. It feels like I just did my taxes. I’ve got to get started for this year. I’ve used TaxCut the last couple years and like it. This could possibly get my butt moving once I replace my crashed hard drive, update my website, …

  • Oh boy, this could really help me — for 2007, I had a stipend, two different contractor positions in two different states, I moved … the list goes on. Man do I miss the days when I could file a 1040-EZ and be done with it! But I know it will only get more complicated as I get older, and I will count my blessings if it gets more complicated because I’m managing to earn more and have a family!