How to write amazing product reviews

cell-phone-801946_640One of the most popular ways to generate content for a blog is through product reviews. Some people say that product reviews are the backbone of many blogs. Why? Because they are some of the most popular content types that people go online to read. What makes a good review stand apart from the rest? That’s what we’ll discuss here briefly, but you can read the full blogging guide here if you want more information.

Know your product

This may seem obvious, but if you write a review of a product with which you are not well acquainted, that inauthenticity will instantly shine through and your review will read as being phony. Don’t be lazy. Try out the product thoroughly so you can give it a fair review. Know the features of the product, the price, where readers can get it, etc. The more detail you can provide, the more credible your review will come across.

Consider your audience

It’s so important to consider who you are writing for when you blog, and writing product reviews is no different. Say (to use an extreme example) you are writing about a new type of stain remover. If your target audience is parents who have to tackle tough stains at the hands of their kids, those readers don’t necessarily need to know about the chemical make up of the stain remover. They want to know how well it will perform on grass stains, juice stains, etc. Consider your audience when crafting your review.

Be original!

Anyone can read a press release and know what a book is about, for example. Your job as a reviewer is to give your views on the book, not to rehash something that a marketing exec at the publisher has already written. Sure, you can give a synopsis of the plot so that people know what kind of a book it is, but go beyond that. What kind of reader would like this book? What were its strengths? Its weaknesses? Is the book part of a series? Is it the author’s debut effort? Would you recommend it? If you are reviewing book for children or young readers, it can be helpful to suggest an age range for the book, too.

Make suggestions

Let’s say you are writing a review of a new kind of pasta. It’s not enough to say “it’s delicious!” and then proceed to explain how to cook the pasta. Everyone knows how to cook pasta. Go a step further by making suggestions for use, or show a step-by-step preparation of a recipe. This will much more effectively showcase the product in a meaningful way.

If you are going to blog, product reviews can be a mainstay of your content. Just be sure you are putting in the effort to write the kind of reviews that will be useful, informative, and that will leave your readers coming back for more.

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