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How to Stop Energy Costs from Spiraling Out of the Window

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It doesn’t matter whether you live in one of the hottest parts of the country, or one of the coldest – you’ll be the victim of energy companies one way or the other. As the media keep telling us on a daily basis, electricity and gas costs are rising and this means that are pockets are becoming lighter than ever before.

Most guidance from the authorities suggests that we should invest in energy-efficient devices; whether this is a new boiler or an efficient air conditioning unit depending on your geographical location. There’s no doubting that these are excellent ways to curb energy usage, and subsequently cost, but they aren’t perhaps the simplest way.

Instead, we need to tackle at the very start. In the vast majority of homes, this involves stopping the heat entering, or escaping, from our home. In other words, we need to do something BEFORE we kick-start our expensive boiler or air con system.

This is where window blinds enter the picture. For cold homes, windows are the thinnest layer of the property and mean that heat can escape at a whim. In warmer climates, the sun can just penetrate glazing all day, every day and make any home into a greenhouse.

Fortunately, there are solutions. Starting with the cold climate, insulated blinds have recently entered the industry and these do exactly as the name suggest; they insulate a room. Their design means that they create pockets within the blind and effectively lock heat into a home. They won’t prevent all heat from escaping, but they can stop a surprisingly large amount.

The funny thing is, the same thing can be used to control the other problem. By leaving these shades down during the day, they can prevent sunlight from seeping through into a room.

Unfortunately, this arrives with the drawback of the blinds preventing any natural light into the property. This is where another invention has stepped in; solar shades. The material used to construct these blinds prevents powerful sunlight from piercing through, whilst still allowing some rays of natural light in. As such, it’s a best of both worlds solution.

You don’t necessarily have to concentrate solely on window blinds though. For the cold house, just sealing the window frames can make a considerable difference, as can upgrading to double or triple glazing. Additionally, if you do have some form of window treatment installed, just strategically opening and closing them through the day can make the world of difference as well. It’s all about making the most of the natural sunlight.

While we don’t have any solid statistics to hand on the exact figures you can save through effective window treatments, some people do save hundreds of dollars every year. Even though similar savings can be made through efficient boiler and air conditioning systems, it goes without saying that these require considerable investment and don’t target the root of the problem like window treatments do.

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