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How to Stage an Open House

17a3593cd5424a2fb903dd05f649e75eAn open house is a chance to have a large amount of people come through in one day or over a weekend to tour your listing. Or, at least that’s the hope. In order to stage a successful open house, you’ll want to make sure you are well-prepared.

No matter if this is your first open house or your tenth, you’ll want to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. By following a few tips, you can greatly improve your chances of success in getting your home sold.

Home buyers are looking for value in a property. If you don’t have your listing in good shape, then you might have visitors walk through the door and quickly turn around. For vacancies, it’s easier to clean and de-clutter the space for a showing, but if the current home owners still live in the house, staging can be a little trickier.

The most obvious thing to do is give the entire house a thorough cleaning. It might be worth it to hire a team of home cleaning professionals for a few hours to deep clean carpets, dust all hard-to-reach areas, and make your windows and mirrors squeaky clean.

Small DIY projects can also spruce up the space quickly and fairly inexpensively. Changing out old light fixtures, repairing broken faucets, or even giving the walls a fresh coat of paint can really make a difference in the eyes of a home buyer. A dirty, dingy place is not going to attract a good, qualified buyer. Make the changes necessary to set up your home as prime real estate.

Don’t forget about the details. Make sure the lawn is well-kept, the gutters are cleaned out, and the exterior has been pressure washed. Set up signs a few days in advance announcing the open house and put one in the front yard with a couple of balloons or streamers, so people know they’re in the right place. You can find inexpensive, customizable signs on websites like, which has large variety of styles and sizes.

Create an interior space that is minimalist and stylish, but also has homey touches that are inviting to potential buyers. For example, make sure kitchen counters are wiped down and cleared of clutter. Set up a simple coffee station with a few homemade pastries for visitors to enjoy as they tour the rest of the home. In the bathroom, hang up new towels and set out fancy soaps. Add a decorative candle or a small vase of fresh flowers to make the space more appealing.

Other tips to keep in mind include scheduling your open house during prime weather weekends with no forecasts of rain. Also, check your city’s calendar for big events to make sure your showing isn’t in conflict with anything major happening in the area. In short, set your open house up for success.

Stage a “model home,” one which will intrigue home buyers to ask for more information or come back for a second private tour. Talk up the functionality, style, and personality of the house. Be ready to answer any questions about potential flaws or drawbacks, and create a welcoming space that you are proud to show off.

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