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How to Save on Your Next Cell Phone Plan

6516+16451Choosing the right wireless plan used to be pretty simple and straightforward. Pick your minutes and sign a two-year contract plan and you’re done. Nowadays, it can be overwhelming as creativity has gone wild to attract customers with shared data plans, installment plans, cell phone upgrades, and even phone swaps from one carrier to another.

The good thing is, this means more options for you, fewer limitations and best of all, lower prices to choose and compare on. Now if you’ve had the same smartphone plan for the past couple of years and you’re looking to save money, you definitely have a lot to learn as phone plans have changed significantly.

Most plan pricing is no longer based primarily on minutes or how much you talk or text but on how much data you use. Contract plans and subsidized devices are becoming less common. You also have to consider that it’s not just our smartphones that use data; tablets and other wearable devices do too.

If your current monthly bills and bank account is draining your patience, here we give you 3 tips on how to save on your next cell phone plan:

  1. Drop the contract. In the current wireless market, this is worst buying decision you can ever make is to lock yourself into a multilayer contract. It may seem that signing for two years of service to get the latest smartphone model you want may seem a good deal at first but it’s actually cheaper to buy the same phone through an installment plan where you pay for the handset monthly with no-interest payments for the next couple of years. The real savings will pile up after the phone is paid off when you choose this option. In contrast, the bills will most likely never go down on a contract plan. Now what if you’re stuck in a bad contract with a high termination fee? The first thing you can do is investigate your current provider’s lower-cost alternatives – you can do this by simply going online and check out what changes you can make without incurring extra charges.
  1. Compare mobile phone deals.Comparison sites are a good place to start. You can compare mobile phones to find the right mobile deal for you. You can search by handset model or through minutes, data or monthly costs and narrow down the results for you.
  1. Know your data needs. Most of the plans offered by telecommunication companies are priced for data usage, not for talk or text. What you need to know is when choosing a plan is how much data you’re going to use so you don’t overspend. You can start by calculating the data requirement for each of your devices. Look at your old bills. Most people can get by with 1GB or 2GB per month but it depends on how heavy your internet usage is. If you also have a family member who travels a lot and is frequently away from a Wi-Fi connection, 4G to 5G monthly might be ample for that phone. Be careful of add-on plans too.

Now that you are armed with these tips, you can choose the right carrier and plan pairing that will best suit your needs in this fast-paced world. Being connected doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket anymore.

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