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How to Save Money in Children’s Clothes?

Children grow up so fast and keeping track of their clothing is quite a difficult task. You just realize that when you buy them clothes like for example, baby girl dresses. After a short while they outgrow those clothes and you need to buy them new ones. Parents mostly struggle with choosing between buying their children fitted clothes or buying them oversized clothing that they can wear for a while. The challenge with children’s clothing is substantially worse for a parent who has multiple children.

Buying clothes for your children may drain your budget occasionally if you are not keen. However, there are ways to save money by following these simple steps:

Buying Neutral Clothing

If you have children of different gender, you are better off spending your money on neutral clothing than buying clothes that distinctively represent one gender. Doing this will allow your children to share clothing which will reduce the cost you incur when you buy clothes for each one of them. Clothes like sweaters and pajamas can be passed down to your unborn children.

Buying Big Sized Clothes

As much as you would want your child to look good in fitting clothes, you can make some exceptions when it comes to loose clothing like pajamas, jackets or raincoats. You can buy bigger sizes for your children that have enough room to accommodate their growth. This will save you money and constant trips to the store.

Renting Clothes

When your child has a special occasion and you want them to look absolutely stunning, you do not need to break the bank in order for you to get them beautiful clothes. Whether it is a designer dress or suit, you can choose to rent it for the occasion instead of buying it. Although they will not be able to own it, they will still have the experience of their lives.

Buying Slightly Used Clothing

You can get beautiful second hand clothes that have been gently used and will still serve their purpose for your children. Second hand clothes are significantly cheaper than brand new clothes and you will save money. Well known sites like eBay sell these clothes at affordable prices and your children could use them for a long time.

Taking Good Care of Clothes

The most important way to save money is by taking good care of your children’s clothes. This will save you the trouble of having to buy new clothes for them and for your unborn children. Clothes will last longer and some of them could possibly serve all your children. If you ignore them, you will be in the business of buying clothes for a while.

Being Creative

It is typical of children to outgrow their clothes, but it does not mean that when they do you totally discard the clothes because they have outlived their usefulness. You can be creative by trimming short pants into shorts in order for the clothes to serve your children for as long as possible. This will enable you to get value for your money.

In conclusion, you are capable of spending less on your children’s clothing if you take the right measures. Develop a clear plan to follow so that you stay within your budget and not overspend on clothes for your children. You can achieve this by using the guidelines mentioned above.


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