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How To Organize A Party On A Budget

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Throwing parties is an innate skill that some of us are just born with. Knowing how to choose the best food and pair it with top notch music and unique decor is what mixes for a killer shindig. But for most, the first aspect of a party that needs to be considered is the budget. Having a lower one doesn’t have to keep your party from being any less epic, as long as you follow these simple tips:

  1. Don’t Waste Money On Invitations

You can save money on your invitations by using coupons from Discountrue or other couponing sites to save money. Or, you can embrace technology and use e-mails/text messages to invite those closest to you! Evite is a great way to send out e-mail notifications about your party and is completely free. If the majority of those you plan to invite are on Facebook, creating an event page helps to get the word out more efficiently, saving you valuable time and money.

  1. Decorate For Less

It can be tempting to blow a significant chunk of your budget on fancy party decorations. But in all likelihood, you probably have great decorations simply laying around at home! You don’t need fine china to throw an awesome party on a budget and you can use the dishes, cups and vases that you already have. Mixing and matching a few different color schemes makes for a more vintage look. Plus, you can fill vases with citrus fruit and potpourri to get an additional air of classiness.

  1. Skip The Filet Mignon

Your party guests are not going to be let down because you didn’t serve steak or prime rib. Providing a wide selection of finger foods and appetizers allows you to save some major coin. Meat skewers are a fine choice for those who are not looking to sacrifice taste. If your party budget is super low, you also have the option of turning your soiree into a potluck.

  1. Choose The Right Libations

When you can’t afford to stock your party with bottles of top shelf liquor, there are affordable options to keep you from busting your budget. Choosing one particular beer or wine and making that the signature drink of the evening keeps the party on budget, while still enabling maximum enjoyment. You’ll also want to keep a steady supply of water, juice, and soda on hand, to hydrate your guests and provide a non alcoholic option.

  1. Be Your Own DJ

Nowadays, with all of the smart phone apps that can provide a rocking playlist, there is no need to waste money on a DJ. Whether you prefer Spotify or Pandora, there is always a playlist waiting for you, so that you can tailor your tunes to the whims of the guests who are on hand.

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