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How to Manage Your Casino Bankroll

cash-register-1885558_1920For all of the glamour and excitement that they represent, there is also the feeling that, for some players at least, casinos are too enticing and encourage them to bet more than they can sensibly afford.

While the whole gaming industry is committed to encouraging responsible gambling, for example through the GambleAware “When the fun stops, stop” campaign, it’s undoubtedly true that for some the urge to overdo it is simply too great.

However if you imposes a certain level of self-discipline on your gaming then it is certainly a very enjoyable and potentially profitable way to pass the time. The secret behind this method of play is generally considered to be effective bankroll management. Most commonly associated with poker but equally relevant to all kinds of gaming, a bankroll is simply the amount of money that you put aside for play – so the first question to ask yourself is how large that amount should be.

The easiest way to work this out is to decide how much you can afford to use to play, assuming that luck doesn’t go your way and that you don’t manage to walk away with any winnings at all. Obviously this amount is going to depend on a number of factors including your disposable income once you’ve paid for everything else like rent, bills and food for the month. It can also be helpful to use one of the many free budgeting apps now available to help you plan your finances.

Once you’ve established this amount it’s a good idea to then divide it into a number of equal portions and limit yourself to only using one of these per session. This has the dual advantage of limiting possible losses and spreading your bankroll out over a longer period of time.

When you do start playing then it’s a good idea to break down these amounts of money even further and decide what proportion of it you’re going to place on individual bets as, again, this can enable you to play for longer.

Another cardinal rule of online gaming is to keep your winnings totally separate from your bankroll. Sure, you can go on to use them later for an online gaming session but by ring-fencing them as you play you’ll have a far clearer picture of whether you’ve ended up on top. But by far the most important part of bankroll management is to stop when your money’s run out and never to chase losses.

Now this all sounds like the burden is on you, the player, to be in charge but responsible online casinos such as 888casino also do a great deal to help. For example you can self-set the limits of the amounts you play with and once you go over these the game will stop. Sometimes taking a break for a day or two can also be a good idea so it’s also possible to request a set period of time during which you won’t be able to log on and play. 888casino’s training program incorporates methods and techniques that assist their employees in recognizing and taking appropriate actions when they identify compulsive or underage gambling.

Having said this, every day millions do play quite happily and safely on online casinos, having fun and making a profit too. So it’s really just a question of being sensible, controlling your bankroll and know what help there is available if you need it.

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