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How to Look Good at the Golf Course

Golf has always been a sport known for its sophistication. Aside from the techniques that players use on the green, people also focus on how they dress. One thing’s for sure, the way you dress on the golf course is just as important as practicing your short game.

Golf fashion is all about functionality as well as presentation. Your performance would depend not only the skills you have. The way you dress can also have an impact on your swing as well as your confidence.

After all, the phrase “dress for success” applies to golfers. Your sense of style gives you the confidence you need to play like a pro. So, before hitting the green, make sure you have these style essentials that will definitely give your game a much needed boost.

  1. Comfortable shirts

First off, your top should be breathable and fits your figure nicely without restricting your movement. Of course, golf etiquette demands a cotton polo shirt that’s made from lightweight fabrics that wick away sweat and moisture.

You may also wear a sports shirt with simple designs and patterns. The safest choice would be pastel colored shirts in shades of peach or blue. For hotter conditions, you may opt for a plain white knit polo. This should keep you cool throughout hot afternoons.

  1. Outdoor Pants

When it comes to pants, the same principles should apply, although you may as well opt for pants that are loose around the legs but fit around your waist.

Chino pants may be a great choice during the summer season, but plain slim-fit khakis are always a better choice. You may have these cropped at least half an inch above the ankle so you can achieve a more slender style for your body.

  1. Shoes

Trainers and other styles you normally see at the track oval or at the gym are a big no-no out in the golf course. This mostly because these are not the types of shoes made for the sport. In fact, golf is just one of many sports that require special footwear. The soles are fitted with soft spikes that allow for easier movement across the field and especially in sandpits.

When shopping around for golf shoes, make sure to find a pair that allows for extra cooling for your feet. Whether you want laced shoes or slip ons, it all depends on which style comfortable with – as long as make your comfortable out in the field.

  1. Golf equipment

The equipment you bring to the golf course can affect your performance, but they also show a lot about your sense of style. That being said, you may choose golf clubs with shaft designs that match your personality.

If you’re a player that’s committed and aggressive, red golf shafts may be the right pick for your drab. If you describe yourself as a more technical player, you can choose to enhance your strong spots by choosing between graphite, iron and wood golf shafts from Mitsubishi. Either way, you will have to choose equipment that’s targeted around the weaknesses in your game.

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