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How to Get Money When You Need It Today

The only things that may be certain in life are death, taxes and unexpected emergencies. No matter how financially savvy you may be, an emergency may appear in your life that demands immediate attention and the immediate expenditure of finances.

Acquiring a loan from a bank by traditional means could take days or weeks. Family and friends may not be able to help. If you encounter an emergency that requires you to raise money today, legitimately and as soon as possible, here are some tips that may help you.

Monetize Non-Work Skills in the Gig Economy

There are numerous online freelance jobs that require immediate need. Are you a writer, graphic designer, website developer, computer programmer or source code writer? There are always jobs that may pay as soon as you professionally submit contracted work. Consult freelance and gig economy websites like Craigslist, Upwork and so on.

You can hire yourself out as a driver via Lyft or Uber. Assess the immediate business needs of people in your neighborhood. Your neighbors may need repair work, cooking and all sorts of odd jobs done.

Swallow your pride and assess the value of all your non-employment skills and start networking for business online or locally.

Sell Everything of Value

Make of list of everything you possess. Prioritize that list in terms of need versus want. Sell every possession on the “want,” list. Organize a yard sale or hawk your wares at a local flea market. Pawn as many things as you can. Sell your possession on multiple online auction and selling sites. Everything has a monetary value that it can be sold for at market value.

Rent Out a Room through AirBnB

List a room in your apartment or home on AirBnB and similar such sites. You are basically renting out space in your home to an international clientele looking to save on hotel expenses. AirBnB users are also looking for immediate, short-term vacancies that may not be accommodated by hotels.

How much money you can earn by renting your personal space in such a way depends on geography and the immediacy of the need. If you live in a bustling, metropolitan city, you could charge $200 to $300 a week, depending on your circumstances.

Collect and Recycle Scrap

Any legitimate job is an honest job and nothing to be ashamed of doing. Recycling and the collection of scrap metal is big business. Research online which scrap metal businesses in your area accept and pay for the collection of scrap. Start collecting aluminum cans and plastic bottles from public areas to redeem.

Apply For an Online Loan

Online loans websites like I Need A Loan are the digital age evolution of traditional financial loans. These are online lenders who will require to fill out an application and have an open bank account. Depending on the online company, you may qualify for a loan with no credit or even bad credit. The minimum lending amount could be anywhere from $500 to a few thousand dollars. Online loan funds can be deposited directly into your bank account. When they are due, they are then automatically withdrawn from your bank account. Due to this convenience, there are high interest and penalty fees connected to these loans.

Start a Mobile Car Washing Service

People who own cars may not also have the time to aesthetically maintain them, like washing them regularly. They may not also want to pay for professional car washing. Survey your neighbors and friends and assess who is willing to pay for a car washing service that comes to them. Advertise your services on local gig economy websites. Dedicate yourself to work hours that will be convenient to your clients. More people than you know may be appreciative of such services, especially in large cities.

There is Always a Way

Don’t let a financial emergency drive you into paralyzing despair or self-doubt. If you consider all of your options, you may find a way to make it through this situation today.


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