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How to find the best Cryptocurrencies

How to find the best Cryptocurrencies like DasCoin

If you are prospecting on investing in cryptocurrency, there are a lot of factors to consider when selecting the best coins to add to your portfolio. Finding the coin is not as easy as you might think, A coin may look promising with the market value and at the next moment, it may crash resulting in huge losses for the traders. In this article, we will teach you to find the best cryptocurrencies that will double your money and also will add growth to your portfolio.

Tips when searching for Cryptocurrencies like DasCoin

Here’s a comprehensive list of things to look for when trying to find the best cryptocurrency:

  1.    Coin Rankings

Looking at coin rankings is a great way to start your research on altcoins like DasCoin, it provides a definitive guide to the value of a coin even going down to monthly value graphs. This will help the trader to understand the trends the coin is making and make his move when the price of the coin is low.

  1.    Coin Exchanges

Another way to find the best cryptocurrencies is to check whether they are listed on popular exchanges or not. Coin exchanges only accept cryptocurrencies that have passed various criteria and is deemed to be fit for use by the exchange.

This is a really good sign as exchanges have access to lot more data than we have.

  1.    Blogs and Forums

This is great way to find a diamond in the rough; nowadays most coins like DasCoin are marketed through paid and organic media to increase their chances of adoption. But there might still be chance that a small team with limited ad budget would have a better coin. Forums and blogs are the best ways to find these coins. Blogs are also helpful in identifying if the coin is growing in market value.

  1.    Knowing the development team

This can help differentiate between great coins and average coins. Having an experienced development team with tons of experience making and managing coins is a great plus. They can constantly use their skills to perfect the coin and are capable of handling adversities with ease.

  1.    Studying the white paper

A white paper is comprehensive document present in the coin website that has all information related to the coin. While understanding a white paper might be quite difficult, now you can use key indicator to get the overall idea of the coin.

  1.    Real-world use

If the coin is used by thousands of people around the world, then its trust charts skyrockets. Real-world usability increases the demand for the coin. Participating in this movement, many companies have stressed the fact of setting real-world usability as their top priority in the coming years.

All of the same things mentioned imply here as well but searching for a growing coin like DasCoin might be very difficult. When trying to find coins in the future look for anonymity, growth potential, current market value and other key estimates


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