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How to Develop Creativity in Your Essays

student loan delinquenciesEssays are a form of creative writing. Even though you would never consider that following conventions qualifies as creativity, essays are there to boost your creativity and activate the most brilliant ideas you could think of. However, many people seem to find essay-writing tedious and a creativity killer. You can write articles by yourself or find them in the best essay writing service here.  So how is it that you can develop your creativity through an essay?

Here are some first-hand tips that I have used during my college education, and later in my career as a freelance writer.

  •    Reading And Researching

I know that researching and reading before writing an actual essay might be one of the reasons many people remain mediocre essay writers throughout their lives. There is no place for creativity when you have tons of books and papers you need to go through, one would agree.

However, there is a way you can start enjoying this process and get the most out of it. This may sound silly, but try to assume that your essay is about to change the world. By reading other people’s thoughts, you might get inspiration for your own, original and creative ideas. You also need to be familiar with the topic you are to write about, so bear in mind that Stephen Hawking had to read Albert Einstein’s essays and books to develop his genius theories and essays.

  •    Stop Thinking About The Reader

Almost everyone will tell you that when writing an essay, you have to keep in mind the audience and the reader. And I do agree, it is essential to think about how your essay could be received and perceived by someone else other than yourself. Nonetheless, you also need to remember that this is your essay and that you need to satisfy your requirements first.

So focus on yourself and ignore everybody else. Isolate your thoughts and write, disregarding the rules and conventions until you have written the last sentence of your paper. A stream of consciousness is an excellent way to pour out your best and most creative thoughts and ideas. You will also be sure that everything you write is original and unique since you are entering new and unexplored territories of your mind. Moreover, you won’t be distracted by the dull academic ‘rules’ and fully attracted to self-expression and translating your creativity into words.

  •    Tea And Background Music

If you are one of those persons, who have to work in complete silence, reconsider your choice. Studies have shown that listening to low background music, sounds and even alpha waves can boost your creative output and improve your productivity.

Even better, drinking green tea while writing will help you become more attentive, detail-oriented and will boost your long-term attentional processing. What this means is that you will come up with more good ideas in shorter periods of time as your brain is stimulated positively by the ingredients found in green tea, such as caffeine and theanine.

Try combining the background music/sounds and tea, and you will feel your creativity blossoming in no time. The essay will practically write itself in the end.

  •    Don’t Spend Hours And Hours Writing Your Essay

‘To write an excellent, groundbreaking essay, you have to put the hours in’, is what professors usually advise their students. Guess what? That is an absolute lie. You don’t have to sit there for hours, in front of your computer, slowly dying inside while trying to stay focused and still produce quality content.

A more effective way of writing an essay, without completely ridding yourself of any future creative outputs, is working in sections. First, you need to determine the time of day, or night, at which you are most creative. Some people are more creative in the morning, and the others like to join the owls in the late night hours.

Then make sure not to write forcefully. Creativity does not have an ‘on/off’ button, and you need to work your way towards it. Brainstorm new ideas and write them down in your notebook. Then focus on some other task that is not related to your essay. After some time, start writing the actual paper. You will write with ease, and the words will pour out. Keep writing until you start noticing that your creativity candle is burning out. This is the time when you will rest or focus on something else and then return to your essay writing later. This method has enabled me to write some of the best and most extended essays in my academic education.

  •    There Is Always Room For Improvement

Creativity comes in waves. One day you may feel incredibly creative, and the other day as if your brain is empty. Regardless of the days, you still need to finish that essay.

The best thing to do is start working early on. The day you are given the task, try slowly building up your ideas for the essay. This will enable you to make mistakes, but also to correct them and maybe use some better options. You will have time to re-read your essay over and over again, and each new reading will point out something else. This method is not merely useful but also trains your creative thinking and creative writing. With each further reading, you will start developing more and more creative ideas for your essay.

To Sum Up

Even though it was not an essay that you have just read, I have personally followed all of these tips. This article is the result of these methods, which I have been using for years. They are practical, useful and easy to implement and adapt to you already existing essay-writing routine.

All of this should help you unlock your creativity and generate original and unique ideas with each new essay you will write. Stop trying to ‘get everything right’ the first time, realize the importance of quality research and make yourself a good cup of green tea. Getting an ‘A+’ in essay writing was never this simple and enjoyable.


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