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How to Cut down Expenses During Winter

cutting down expenses, winter expenses advice, cutting down expenses tipsThe cold winds arise, and along comes the burden of higher energy costs.  Heating expenses during winter usually drain most families, and poor management puts more pressure on their financial situation. On the creditpoor website, we tend to advise our clients to heed energy-saving strategies during cold seasons or else they might face a dramatic rise in their monthly billings. Here are some tips that should prepare you and your family when the season begins:

  • You Should Always Air Seal Your Home:

Before the season begins, you should definitely prepare it wisely. First thing that should be on your priorities is making it energy efficient. It is actually quite simple: you need to look for any possible air leaks and just plug them up. The most common air-leaking spaces would be through the edges of windows and possibly around the edges of doors. It is known that air-leaking accounts for an approximate of 20% of heating bills, as your heating system should run less if it retains as much heat inside as possible.

  • Turn Your Thermostat Down Before Bedtime:

Another tip that you should consider is turning down the temperature on your thermostat before going to bed. You do not need that much heat when you are covered with blankets during night; and the less frequent your heating system kicks on, the more energy you save. The only downside to this is that it might be a bit hard to crawl out of your bed into a cold home. That’s why you might consider investing into an automatic thermostat that changes the temperature at the time you need it to. There is a lot more tips on how to reduce homely costs that you can find on the creditpoor website.

  • Cook Your Food at Home:

This might seem an obvious budgeting tip, and you can find plenty on the creditpoor website: cooking your meals at home always saves you lots of money. Yet during winter season, when your oven is up and running, it is not only saving you money on takeouts, it is also producing heat within your house that should help you lower your heating costs on regular basis. The extra heat seeps out into your house and, if you keep the oven door open when you’re done, it should help get the temperature slightly up for a couple of hours. You should notice the difference when it is done

  • Spread Energy-Saving Habits:

As much as your heating system tends to cost you more in winter, other habits should eliminate some possible loop holes in your monthly billing. You might want to unplug your electrical devices after using them, changing your light bulbs to energy-efficient ones…etc. Other tips regarding how to save money on your monthly bills should be found on the creditpoor website.  It would be most helpful if you could gather your family around the dinner table and discuss why you need to get everyone on board in order to make your home cost efficient.

For example, you can close off any unused rooms to help keep the heat contained within your living room; that should help your heating system turn off more frequently in day-time. You should also consider using your blankets and warm clothes more practically; wear an extra layer of clothes or even bring a blanket with you while you’re watching television on the couch.

There’s always a solution to reduce expenses if you apply the proper mindset to your financial management. If you would like to read more tips and information on how to cut down on your expenses, you should go through more of articles that can be found on the creditpoor website.

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  • We are very lucky to live in a warmly apartment. Walls are very thick and instead of downstairs neighbors, there’s a shop (so the heat kinda rises towards us during the day anyway). Ever since we moved here, we’re saving so much money on heat! I’m very grateful for not having to spend hundreds on winter bills every year.

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