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My wife and I have hosted a fairly large party at the beginning of Summer for the last fifteen years. We invite close friends and family to celebrate the beginning of the season. Every year we buy too much of everything, and each year we vow to do better.

But we never do. At least, not until this year.

This year is going to be different, because as we opened up the plastic storage bins holding the party decorations I found the red folder I had placed there almost a year ago. This red folder held the information about last year’s party. Having this information will be invaluable in purchasing the items needed for this year, ensuring that we will not be short of anything, or be stuck with a fridge full of leftovers either.

I opened the folder and examined each piece of information:

Guest List

Having a list of the people that attended the previous year’s party gives us the foundation of this year’s guest list. Plus, it gives us a number of people that attended to help us determine how many people usually attend in relationship to how much food and beverage we purchased.

Items Purchased

Next I found a list of all the things we purchased for the party as well as notes regarding whether we had leftovers. This will help make an accurate shopping list for this year’s extravaganza.

Cost Breakdown

Along with the list of items purchased I found a cost breakdown. This will give us a starting place for making a budget for this year.

After the party is over, I’ll this year’s information into the folder. The more data we have, the better we’ll be able to predict what we’ll need for the next party.

Having this information written down not only gives us a jump start on planning this year’s party, but also helps be more efficient. With our well oiled party planning machine in motion, our guests are sure to have a great time kicking off the Summer in style!



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