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How Shopper Marketing Can Help People Make Better Decisions and Save Money

shopper marketingWe all need to purchase something at one point or another. Sometimes we know what we want to buy, then there are times where we just feel the need to go shopping or we’ll just take advantage of a sale or find something that conveniently caters to our needs.

Shopper Marketing has recently penetrated the mainstream marketing over the last few years and it has shown the importance of moving away from the short term and antagonistic past of sales promotional tactics and trade marketing, to a crucial marketing discipline that would play an important role in a marketing approach.

This type of marketing strategy offers solutions, such as when the shopper has made the final purchase decision on the product, it provides the shopper the easiest and most convenient answer to their shopping motivation. Think of the purpose of that specific trip to the store by the shopper and how his/her financial situation will impact their decisions of purchasing the product.

The key areas to focus on, in order to help people make better decisions and save more money for their purchases would be:

  • Right placement and the right products. If you have a wide range and a wide variety of assortments optimized at the store, you can attract and convert right shoppers, for the right trips, when you manage the right product and category assessment to maximize their basket size.
  • Right value. If you optimize the price and promotions of your brand and manage the value approach, you can convert and attract more more shoppers and sales margin, if you choose the right price and strategic promotions to meet objectives. A lot of people nowadays look for value for their money or discounts on products however not all shoppers are the same, so you must be flexible enough to cater to their needs.
  • Right store experience and building strong relationships. A lot of consumers and shoppers value this a lot. If they had a bad experience during their visit, they are likely to go and search for a store that offers something better. If you provide quality experience to a person purchasing, they are more likely to return and patronize your products. You can maximize shopper conversion and engagement by managing store aisle layout experience to navigation paths to an effective use of in the store marketing strategies as well.

With these key areas in mind, companies that sell their products to the consumers/shoppers will be able to get their products marketed and sold and at the same time help them make smarter decisions on saving money and choosing the right item which they need to purchase.


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