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How Much Money Is a Hoverboard? It Depends

how much money is a hoverboard

The hoverboard craze has calmed down a bit, but the battery-powered, self-balancing mobility devices are still popular. The current annual global hoverboard market value is\ at about $2.8 billion . That market value should rise to about $3.2 billion by the year 2021. How much money is a hoverboard? Here are the details.

How Much Will a Hoverboard Cost You?

The popularity of hoverboards is not limited to the United States either. Since 2014, with the introduction of first-generation hoverboards to retail markets, they have also grown in popularity in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. Also, hoverboards are now tricked out with accessories like GPS, Bluetooth interfacing, sound speakers, and smartphone integration.

As I have become interested in purchasing one myself, I will share some of my research with you. For instance, how much you should pay for a hoverboard and what component aspects of such that you should consider before buying one.

Hoverboard Price Range

For children, you shouldn’t pay more than $200 for a hoverboard. Also remember that hoverboards designed for children cannot handle an adult’s weight. For adults, you’ll pay between $250 to $800. Keep in mind that for an adult model hoverboard, paying up to $1,500 for more well-designed models is not out of the ordinary.

Cheap hoverboards are usually poorly designed and manufactured without considerations for quality standards. Low quality, cheap hoverboards break down easily, overheat quickly, and are prone to combustion. When it comes to hoverboards, you truly get what you pay for. The safer model hoverboards always come with a UL22772 safety compliance certification which proves that the product meets American safety regulations. Look for it when you buy one.

Hoverboard Components

You’re probably wondering why you should pay hundreds of dollars for a self-balancing scooter. As I am learning from my own research, it’s important to pay for quality manufacturing since hoverboards require multiple, complicated components to work in perfect unison. So, there are a few components you should consider when you buy a hoverboard. The component functions of quality hoverboards determine the price you pay.

Motherboards are kind of like the CPU brains of a hoverboard. The motherboard regulates the power generated by the dual motors which power the wheels. Try to buy a hoverboard with a motherboard with gyroscope sensors. Gyroscope sensors augment balancing, decrease operational vibrations, and helps the motherboard distribute power to the wheels more evenly.

The battery life of most hoverboards lasts around two to three hours and take just as much time, or longer, to charge. They usually travel for about 10 miles per charge on the average. Hoverboards usually stop abruptly when the battery dies, so keep it in mind. The weight limit for most hoverboards is about 220 pounds.

Unnecessary Accessories

How much money you ultimately pay for a hoverboard depends on the accessory options for particular models. You should only consider crucial, operational hoverboard components that dictate performance quality.

Bluetooth connectivity, music speakers, GPS tracking, and other gadgetry extras are not necessary for hoverboard functions. In the end, you could pay hundreds of dollars for fancy extras instead of quality hoverboard manufacturing.

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