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How has writing at Clever Dude helped me?

Sometimes I ask myself if I’ve run out of stuff to say. However, I always come up with something. I might only have roundups or statistics for a few days, but then I come out with a great article or series. However, writing is hard! So why do I do it?

  1. Writing about our finances helps me focus and stay on track. How else would we have paid off over $64,000 in debt? And most of that was within the last 3 years! Wow. And I definitely couldn’t have done it without all of your encouragement, well-wishes and ideas. Thanks!
  2. Writing for a large audience has helped refine my abilities. I’ve already found that writing documents for work and for class homework is much easier than before a year ago. I write more concisely, use better wording, and can focus on the topic much easier. Just look back at some of my older articles versus new ones and you’ll see. Oh, and formatting matters too.
  3. It’s given me a hobby. I was bored before. I really needed something more than complaining and watching TV to keep my mind busy. Thanks to Nick, I got introduced to the personal finance blogging world. Actually, I didn’t even know how to blog before. I now have a semi-technical and semi-personal hobby that also provides some decent side-money to help pay the bills or add to our savings and charitable giving. I still complain and watch TV though.
  4. Networking. I don’t have much trouble walking up to someone and saying Hi!, but that doesn’t mean that I will unless I need something. However, with this site, I give out a lot of love to other bloggers, and even to my non-blogging readers. I love supporting others and helping all of you as best as I can. Unfortunately, I’m not good at remembering names, and that extends to names of other bloggers and my commenters. Sorry!

But I do admit that I now sit online for most of the evening and even during the workday. However, I did this before, but now I’m doing something productive.

How has reading Clever Dude helped you? How has writing for your own site helped?

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  • Writing at my own site has helped me improve my general writing ability as well. In addition, I now have an audience to rant at (assuming people stop by long enough to read anything).

    Reading cleverdude has given me something to aim at.

  • I am not in the ballpark of making enough money off my blog to cover any bills (maybe netflix), but practicing writing has been a huge help. I have never been a great writer and as a result did not enjoy writing to any length. Writing is one of those things that with more practice anyone can get better. Reading other blogs over periods of time and seeing writers evolve has been really interesting. Cleverdude your writing has become very engaging and personal, and tends to make the reader feel like you are talking directly to them. That is surely one of the reasons for your recent upswing in readership. Keep up the good work!

  • That’s great! I completely agree with you. Since I’ve been blogging, I find myself becoming a better writer with each post. I also love all the interaction I have with fellow bloggers. It’s become a great, productive hobby. Congrats on paying off all that debt!

  • #3 was a big one for me, too. I really felt some sort of a void with my free time – I enjoyed spending time with my family but I felt like I could be doing something more. Blogging has given me an outlet and a hobby that really energizes my interest in a few things – what I write about, learning new skills (site design, etc.) and even new ways of interacting over the Interpipes.

    Reading Clever Dude – like plonkee said – is giving me something to aim at, just like a bunch of other great sites I read. Nice to have some examples to aim for!

  • I have to agree with all your points (though I haven’t paid off quite as much as you), the one thing I would add in my list is that I’ve learned a great deal about Personal Finance and I know there’s lots more to learn.

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