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How Could Writing Make Ends Meet?

Those who are passionate about writing often wonder how they can earn a decent living with this skill. Gone are the days where your primary way of getting in this field would be to write query letters to different publishers of literary agents. We live in a time when a majority of writers are turning to self-publishing and blogging to create a steady income for themselves. You will need to be hardworking, resourceful and willing to learn new skills in order to succeed as a writer. Here are some ways you can make ends meet as a writer.


These days more writers are turning to blogging for creating financial stability. Blogging allows you to share your passion on a regular basis and build a long-term audience in the process. Some bloggers have become widely known and now have a brand built around their platforms. To get started in blogging, choose a high quality blogging platform. Then you would start and design your blog’s website. Once these steps are completed, you can now write regular blog posts. The key is to be consistent with your posts and look for creative ways to monetize it.

Writing Ebooks

Another neat way to earn income as a writer is to publish ebooks. Ebooks can be long or short, and they can be written on diverse topics. You want to research the topics before writing because your target market might already be saturated with ebooks on the topic you’re interested in. If you have a solid list of subscribers to your blog, you can create ebooks based on the things you discuss each week. Also dedicate a reasonable amount of time to plan, research, organize and write your ebook. You can promote the book through social media platforms.

Online Writing Services

If you are an academic writer, you should consider working for a term paper writing service online. These companies often offer services such as proofreading, essay writing, research paper writing and assignment help. This is a neat way for freelance writers to make extra money.

Magazine Writing

Magazines still hire freelance writers even though many of their writers are longtime staff members. Pick up the latest edition of Writer’s Market and research the magazines’ submission guidelines. Choose magazines that best fit your target audience and read a few issues before sending the query letters.


All kinds of businesses hire copywriters and there are numerous opportunities for this type of work. Start by applying to online freelance writing boards and doing work for clients. Once you have adequate experience, you can seek out employment from local advertising agencies or marketing companies. It is important that you set a rate that allows you to earn a decent living. On average experienced copywriters might charge between $20 and $30 per hour.

Writers have more opportunities than in decades past. There is not a better time than now to establish yourself and hone your crafts along the way. Seek out mentors at school and in your community who can assist you in building this career. Don’t let past rejections hold you back. See them as learning curves instead. Most importantly, maintain a positive attitude while looking for work.


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