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How Are Tobacco Companies Changing Their Offering in Light of Health Concerns?

When cigarettes were first introduced, they were largely advertised as being good for us. However, decades later it’s become clear smoking has devastating health implications. In a bid to cut smoking-related deaths, the government and health officials have been campaigning for smokers to quit and in recent years have cracked down on the industry.

So, how are tobacco companies handling the tougher restrictions and the rise of alternatives such as e-cigarettes? Here, we’ll look at the changes tobacco giants are making.

Changes in branding

One of the first changes that tobacco companies introduced in light of regulations, was to change their branding. Firstly, regulations stated no brand specific packaging was allowed. All tobacco products needed to follow the same plain packaging and that’s something which has been rolled out within the UK.

Another branding change has been an increase in clear warnings placed upon tobacco products. Pictures highlighting the dangers are included on the front and back of tobacco products, while large written warnings about the dangers of smoking have also been included.  

Bringing nicotine levels down

In America specifically, tobacco giants are being forced to cut the nicotine levels down. The hope is to reduce nicotine addiction, preventing over a million deaths each year. The number of young people becoming addicted to nicotine has started to decline since the introduction of alternative products, however it still remains a concern for the FDA.

Investment into alternative tobacco products

Perhaps one of the biggest changes tobacco companies have made, is switching to alternative products, such as electronic cigarettes.

Although further research is required to determine the health effects of using electronic cigarettes, they’re still considered much healthier to use. Vaping has become a huge trend across the world so it’s no surprise tobacco companies are turning their attention to these healthier alternatives.

Whether they’ll be able to compete with established companies such as VIP, remains to be seen. As vaping has become so popular, there’s been a huge increase in the number of companies starting up within the sector.   

Overall, there have been huge changes within the tobacco industry, forcing companies to change the way they manufacture and package their products. As more turn to the electronic cigarette market, could it signal the end of the traditional cigarette? Only time will tell, but the changes already made prove promising at beating nicotine addiction.

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