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Hi Grandma!

I just found out this past weekend that my 85-year-old grandmother subscribes to my email updates. About 3.5 years ago, I started communicating with my Grandma via email, which surprised me then as well. She uses Web TV (is that really still around???).

She actually said “I get your Clever Dude every day. I don’t understand what you’re saying alot, but I like it anyway“.

Sometimes, I don’t understand what I’m saying either. I’ve held back from promoting my site to my friends and family since I talk about them sometimes here, but I guess I can’t hide it anymore. Now they can really know how much debt we’re in and why we complain about spending money even though we make quite a bit.

So, welcome Grandma, and any other friends and family if you’re secretly subscribing!

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  • HAHAHA, Grandmas are awesome. I should set up a mailing list and add both of mine to it. No more “You’re not using the e-mail anymore are you?” questions at reunions, no more, “You said when I got this computer that we’d do the e-mail all the time.”

    Thanks for the early morning inspiration Clever Dude

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