Helpful Hints to Give Your Aging Vehicle a Fresh New Facelift

auto-519832_640Many of us become attached to our cars and are reluctant to trade it in in for newer models, either for sentimental or financial reasons, or maybe both.

The trouble you have is that the older your car gets, the more worn and used it becomes, unless you set about giving your much-loved vehicle and makeover so that it almost feels like driving a new car again.

Time for a clean

If you have experienced the excitement of driving a brand new car away, you will remember just how clean and fresh everything was both inside and out.

If you set aside an afternoon and decide that you are going to try and get your own car back into something resembling showroom condition, it is feasible to clean everything thoroughly enough to get that fresh and new feeling back.

A quick was with the hose and a cursory few minutes with the vacuum is not going to cut it. A proper clean means hardcore scrubbing of everything possible inside the vehicle and then get into every nook and cranny on the outside, like a serious clean of the debris and dirt around the tires and all other areas which accumulate dirt over time.

You might find that that the upholstery is showing signs of wear and no matter how hard you try, it is not going to look like new again. One way to resolve that problem is to consider get some good quality car seat covers from someone like Shear Comfort, so that you can enjoy clean and fresh seats again in your car.

Change the floor mats

Buying new floor mats is hardly a significant makeover suggestion, but it is all these small changes and upgrades that all add up to make a difference when you step back and look at your car when you are finished.

A new set of floor mats will instantly make it feel cleaner and it may well help the car interior to smell nicer, as there is often a lot of dirt and debris that has accumulated on your old car mat.

Cleaner headlamps

Depending on how old your vehicle is, you might have some plastic composite headlamps fitted.

The problem with these is that no matter how hard you try, these type of headlamps tend to dull and weather over time. The result is poorer visibility and a look that dates and brings down the look of your car.

You can often find a headlamp restoration kit for under $35 and with just a few minutes of labor, you will normally be rewarded with clear headlamps that look as good as new and improved illumination.

Give the A/C a makeover

Another thing that you can arrange to do in addition to giving your car a thorough clean, is to give you’re A/C system a new lease of life.

Over time, your car’s air conditioning system will lose efficiency as it builds up a level of bacteria, mold and mildew. This won’t help the atmosphere in the car and it is quite possible that you’re A/C is having to fight its way through dust, leaves and grime, before it can make a contribution the quality of air in your interior.

Arrange to change the air filters, clean out the passageways of any leaves and debris that you can find and finally, invest in an air-conditioning deodorizer to bring a new-car clean aroma back to your car.

Smarten up your tires

Good quality tires can help you get a safer and better performance out of your car and they can also improve the appearance of your vehicle too.

If your tires are in need of replacement shortly, it would be a great opportunity to take the chance to invest in a good set of tires. You might be able to invest in some slightly bigger tires, if you ask the supplier to suggest some suitable options for your make and model.

A new set of tires won’t be cheap probably, but it will cost less than changing your vehicle and when you smarten up your tires, you will definitely be lifting the overall appearance of your car to a new level.

Other ideas to consider when giving your car a makeover and making it feel like new again, include dash kits to update the appearance and maybe dash covers, which allow you the chance to change the color and type of surface, to almost whatever you want.

Give your aging vehicle a fresh facelift and you won’t want to change your car anytime soon.

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