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As we head into the middle of the year, the summer weather that should be just on the horizon doesn’t seem to want to make an appearance. This can have a bad effect on morale especially in an office environment, as those who aren’t going on a summer holiday this year may not get the joy of lounging in the sun but instead will just end up with some soggy socks this summer.

But there is something you could do for your team this year through the power of team building. Team building is pretty straightforward; all you need is somewhere for it to take place such as conference venues at Manchester United and a plan, and you’re good to go.

Great benefits

Team building exercises with you employees is an excellent opportunity to get everyone together to enjoy themselves, learn and improve their skills all in one fell swoop. And as mentioned it can help boost team morale which in turn can boost work performance.

However you still need a plan of what to do on the actual day, and whereas team building exercises such as paint balling have been popular in the past you can’t do that in a conference room. But we’ve listed some great ideas to get you and your team excited over the summer months.

Reality TV

Take some inspiration from reality television and add some extra fun to the team building exercises. One example is the use of reality television show Survivor, where your team can take part in a variety of strategic group challenges to help build team work and get everyone working together; obviously there should be two teams or more as a little bit of competition never hurt anyone.


Taking a little inspiration from the reality TV idea you can get your employees in teams and have them compete in a bake off type event, which has proven popular on programmes such as The Great British Bake Off. Or you could remove the competition and just have them make something such as cakes, a non-alcoholic cocktail or even a lunch, to get the team comparing recipes and engaging with each other as they make food or drinks.


With everyone loving a new gadget; technology and gaming activities involving smartphone hunts and interactive iPad events could prove extremely popular with your team, you could even do a variety of online and multi-location activities.

Destination events

Or if you want to be really nice you could take your team away somewhere nice to build morale, which would also ensure not everyone would be dealing with soggy socks all summer.

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