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Have a Very Merry, and Painless, Christmas!

Last Friday I visited the doctor and found out I have a herniated disk. I’ve been on oxycodone (generic Percocet) and anti-inflammatory meds since then, along with heating pads and wearing a corset. I’m still in an excruciating amount of pain, which has made for a none-too-pleasant holiday season.

I was able to schedule my first rehab appointment for Dec 27th. I was prescribed 9 days of rehab over 3 weeks, and I hope with my new job contract starting within this next week that it won’t be too disruptive.

As for spending time with the family here in PA, I was able to go to church with my gram and Stacie on Sunday morning, and then again to with my FIL, Stacie, SIL and nephew on Christmas Eve. It was the first time I was able to attend service at his church since I met Stacie, and it was a nice time. I had to have a hybrid kneeling/sitting posture to get through the service, along with some pain meds, but I got through it. Unfortunately, my back wasn’t cooperating for church this morning though, so I just stayed in bed.

As for gifts, I liked everything I got this year. Even though the total number of gifts exchanged is going down, the quality is going up. We’re learning what each person likes, as well as becoming less afraid to just ask for gift ideas and be honest when asked. For example, we got my parents a range of gift cards, my FIL a 2Gb SD card for his camera, and Stacie some workout DVDs, among other gifts. I got a few dress shirts, new pajama pants, some ornaments and a massage chair pad (good timing, eh?).

Lastly, we took advantage of a sale at Boscov’s department store and got a comforter set (link to the queen set) we had our eyes on the last few months. When we first saw it, it was priced at $429 for the king set. We have a queen bed, but found that the king fits better and we fight over the blankets less. Well, I mentioned it to my parents Sunday, but said the only way we would get it is if it was 50% off.

I went onto the Boscov’s website to show my parents the style and saw the sets were all on sale. The King set was $199! That’s over 50% off! I grabbed Stacie and went up to the store. The store sign said it was on sale for $299, but I took the set to the register for a price check. Sure enough it rung up at $199, plus they had another 10% discount. Overall, we saved $250 and finally got a comforter style we liked.

Well, it’s time to get back to the family. I’ll keep you all up to date with anything new with my job, my back, etc., but I’ll also get back to writing regular articles as well.


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