Harbingers of Change: Top Signs It Could Be Time to Sell Your Home

new-home-1689867_640You might have lived in your current home for a number of years but if you have a growing family or your own needs and preferences have changed, it could be an opportune time to look for somewhere else to call home.

Here is a look at some of the classic telltale signs that are helping to confirm that it is time to move. You might be struggling for enough space, or it could be the opposite and you want to downsize. There is also the chance that you want to try a new neighborhood or maybe you want to maximize your return by selling at the right time.

Growing pains

A classic scenario is when you have a property that used to be large enough for the two of you but now that you have a growing family to accommodate there simply isn’t enough room to house everyone without feeling cramped.

Some houses don’t lend themselves to being extended or you might not be able to get the permission to add on to the building. Check your local building laws to see if there is anything you can do, but if you don’t want the hassle and expense of building an extension, the answer is to sell and find somewhere bigger.

It is also worth bearing in mind that adding an extension doesn’t always guarantee you an uplift in the property value, so think carefully about your options and consider speaking to someone like Wren Realty Inc to get an idea of your options.

Empty nest

The other end of the scale would be when you have seen the kids off to college and suddenly find yourself with more space in your property than you actually need.

There is little point maintaining a property with four bedrooms and a basement when you don’t need anything like that sort of space anymore.

Empty nesters often struggle with the thought of leaving a family home that has brought them so many happy memories, but if you can put that sentimentality aside, there are some sound reasons to consider downsizing.

You might have built up a decent level of equity in your home or even paid off the mortgage completely. If that is the case, selling will give you a nice cash pot that you can spend on a smaller property and have some left over for some retirement plans.

Add in the prospect of reducing your utility bills and lowering your maintenance costs when you have a smaller home, and the idea of selling might be even more appealing if you don’t need all that space anymore.

Change of scenery

You might like your current neighborhood. If so you could still sell your existing home and move to something more suitable close by.

But if you are fed up with commuting or simply want a change of scenery and to experience a different vibe and more amenities on your doorstep, these are all viable reasons to move and if you find yourself thinking about these options, that is a surefire sign that it is time to move.

If you still have children at school, there is also the prospect that a move to a new neighborhood might be beneficial to their education, if it opens up the chance to go to a highly-rated school close by.

Get the best price for your home

If you have a bit of spare cash and can afford to carry out some minor improvements to your home or update the decor and backyard landscape, these are all things that could add value to your home.

A number of property owners might be reluctant to spend money on a property that they intend to sell or might not have the budget to do the improvements needed.

So if you are looking for a sign that the time is right to sell, it could be the fact that you can afford to do the remodeling that might be needed to achieve a top price for your home, and you want to make the most of the chance to sell your home for a decent profit.

Be careful about what you spend money on to get your house in good condition before offering it for sale.

A new kitchen or bathroom is going to cost too much to generate an instant return, but a fresh coat of paint and spending some money on boosting your home’s curb appeal are the sort of projects that can be worthwhile before you start looking for buyers.

Take a moment to consider how you think about your home right now and the answer might give you more than a hint that it is time to sell.

James Green works in the real estate industry. A father of three gorgeous kids, he writes about buying/selling a family home and how to make the whole process as easy as possible.

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