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Gumshoe Guidance: Uncover the Facts Using a Private Investigator

Knowledge is power and sometimes you need to uncover the truth or some evidence that will help you resolve a personal or business issue. A private investigator can often obtain vital or incriminating information or evidence that you may not always want to know, but need to if you are going to resolve a specific problem that you have.

If you are considering using a private investigator, make sure you use a reputable investigator services such as Pace Henley or Detective Services. There are a number of things that you need to take into consideration and also a number of checks that you should make regarding their credentials and ability to do a professional job.

When a PI can help

Some people seem to find an opportunity to hire a PI arises quite frequently and others agonise for weeks or months before picking up the phone and deciding to ask for their assistance.

There are many scenarios where you could probably use the services of a private investigator in order to discreetly and efficiently obtain the evidence or confirmation that you are seeking, often without the person involved being aware that they are being watched or investigated.

You need a PI to obtain the current whereabouts of an individual or maybe actually verify their identity and confirm that they are who they say they are. You might want to investigate the background or verify the credentials or credibility of someone who you are considering employing or going into business with.

There are also many occasions when a PI is employed to have someone followed in order to check their movements and see if they are being deceitful and seeing someone else. An investigator will also be used when an employer or maybe an insurance company want to check out a workers injury compensation claim and see whether they really as incapacitated as they say they are.

Connecting families

Not all the jobs that a private investigator takes on have sinister or potentially litigious reasons behind their employment.

A PI can often be useful in tracking down a birth parent or a long-lost relative who hasn’t been seen for many years. Reuniting families and sometimes missing beneficiaries can be a rewarding task for everyone concerned.

Checking out a PI

If you are looking to appoint a private investigator in any Australian territory other than Canberra where there are no statutory requirements, the PI should hold a valid licence that has been issued by the relevant licensing authority.

If you are looking to appoint an investigation company rather than a solo investigator, they should also have a business licence that allows them to carry out their business in a lawful manner. Many licences are actually issued and subsequently administered by the local Police authority and in conjunction with the relevant state court.

Many investigators also like to go beyond the basic licensing requirements and will often be a member of one of the professional bodies that cover this profession in Australia and on a global basis. You may also want to check that the individual investigators who work in a team environment, are each licensed under the provisions of the Security and Related Activities (Control) Act 1996.

Choosing your investigator

There are many investigators listed when you conduct an online search so it can be confusing and a seemingly difficult task to select the right one for you.

Some of the points to consider in order to narrow down your search would be to see how approachable they are when discussing your situation. It also helps if you can search out some recommendations or referrals from people who have already had experience of their services.

Try to ask around and find a person or business who you know when seeking out a referral, rather than relying on the testimonials or information that you might find on the PI’s website or brochure.

Uncover the facts about your private investigator, and then let them uncover the facts that you need to know.

Tayla Heney is studying to become a private investigator. An avid researcher and writer, she likes to share what she finds with others. She enjoys posting on business, career and lifestyle blog sites.

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  • Appointing a Private investigator is quite a crucial job. No matter it can be insurance claim investigations or corporate investigations, choosing a reputable investigation firm is essential.

    And I agree that checking the license is first priority which anyone need to consider before hiring.

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