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Grandma is coming to town

This will probably be the only post today (and none this weekend). My gram from PA is coming down to stay for a week, mainly to get out of the house. As you may know, I grew up in my gram’s house, along with my parents and sister. My parents and sister are still there, along with my sister’s 2 kids…with only 1 bathroom. Yep, that’s 4 generations in one house, plus a big dog and 2 cats. It’s a madhouse sometimes.

So I’m pretty excited to have her down. She’s not nearly as mobile as she used to be since having a stroke last year, but she can get around. She can drive, but not for long distances, so her sister will bring her a certain distance, then I’ll pick her up. Don’t worry, we won’t be stranding gramama on the side of the road anywhere.

It’s just unfortunate that I have 2 evening classes during the week, and homework to complete for both classes, as well as a church council meeting and another church organization meeting. I’ll be skipping the church stuff to spend time with my gram though. Stacie’s also on the council, so she’ll fill me in.

I’ll be taking gram to the local farmer’s market tomorrow morning (we’ll have to drive the mile instead of our normal walk), and maybe have her try Indian food (something mild though). I don’t think she’s ready for Ethiopian food yet.

Have a great weekend!

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