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Got My Truck Back with a Bonus

It took 3 weeks, but I finally got my truck back after a hit-and-run accident last month. I got a ride up to the autobody shop, paid my $825 and drove home in a shined up Ridgeline. They even cleaned the interior! Of course the truck now smells like paint fumes and a little bit of body odor. I really hope the smell goes away soon!

Of the $825, I paid $250 out-of-pocket for my deductible and the rest came from the insurance company. The claims adjuster gave me a check for $575 a few weeks ago, I cashed it, and then I put the full $825 on my credit card to get the rewards. I’ve already sent off the payment so don’t worry about that.

The Surprise Bonus

Earlier last year, while getting onto the PA Turnpike, a guy in a white van got VERY close to my truck. I just wanted to get away from the crazy guy so I sped off. When I got to the next exit, I pulled over to check for damage (I didn’t think he came THAT close). Much to my surprise, I found that he had scraped up the plastic bumper behind the back left tire. There were no dents, but a good bit of rubber and a few chips out of the paint. Great, a hit-and-run.

I was able to polish the damage down to just the paint chips and was content to just live with it. But when I got hit this recent time, I was tempted to slip it in and get it fixed with the rest. But I refrained and told them that was a prior problem and to not fix it. But when I picked up my truck and got it home, I found that they fixed the old damage too! Sweet, a two-for-one deal!

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