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Got my free Starbucks coffee – Still not worth it

Starbucks CoffeeAs you probably heard, Starbucks was giving away 12 ounce cups of regular coffee from every store today from 10am – 12 noon.

Normally I would never step into a Starbucks, or any establishment, to buy coffee, and I only ever drink coffee if it has chocolate (cocoa-mocha?) AND it’s free, but a series of events led to my being able to get the free coffee.

This morning, the DC Metro was backed up to Maryland because of electrical problems on the tracks. I waited on the platform for 30 minutes, then decided to walk home and come back later.

I ended up getting to DC before the Starbucks deal ended. I happen to walk right by a Starbucks each day. I was expecting a line out the door, but there was absolutely no line, and the cashiers had a row of coffee already lined up for customers. I went up, grabbed a cup, thanked them, added Sweet ‘n Low and left. I was in and out in less than 2 minutes!

However, after tasting Starbucks, I wonder why anyone in their right mind would think this is gourmet coffee. But hey, it’s free.

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  • O no! How can you say that about Starbucks! haha, starbucks is my favorite place for specialty drinks, I don’t drink coffee, but their frappucinos are amazing! You need to give them another chance and actually buy a real drink, not just coffee. Grab a caramel frappucino during the summer, the rest will speak for itself!

  • Oh, I don’t deny that their iced or cold drinks are excellent, but they’re very unhealthy too (that doesn’t sway me too much though).

    However, I won’t go into a Starbucks to buy a drink unless I have gift cards from someone. There’s one 2 blocks from our house and the only time I’ve been in there was when I locked myself out of my house the first week we moved in and had to wait for my wife for 2 hours to get me back in!

    I have purchased a frappucino at our employer’s snack shop a couple times since last summer, but we’ve moved to a new location and it’s not nearly as convenient. Plus, I just don’t carry cash for the simple reason that it’s too easy for me to spend it on these little things that I don’t need.

  • Agreed. Their drip coffee is awful. I ordered a large one at an airport once and I threw it away. It was that bad. I love their specialty drinks though. Peppermint mochas are great with low-fat milk and no whipped cream. It is a nice treat once in awhile! 🙂

  • There are cheaper alternatives to good coffee. For example, my local context has coffee-shops where you can get good coffee at a much cheaper price. No aircon or pushy chairs though.

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