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Do you love your job? Do you look forward to getting back to work after the holidays or after the weekend because you really enjoy what you do? If you’ve answered a resounding “yes” to both these questions, then well done and please read no further as long as your job is secure anyway.

If, on the other hand, you’re the type of person that gets that “Sunday night blues” feeling then maybe it’s time to take action to get yourself free?

Any kind of break from your normal routine is a good opportunity to take stock. You see many people these days living very high on the hog indeed. But where is the money really coming from? Are these people wealthy? Well, maybe. But there’s a huge difference between high earnings and true wealth.

People with large earnings often spend a lot and give the impression of wealth, but the reality is that they’re tied to their jobs. Great if they enjoy their work, but a fairly hollow existence if not. And how do many people try to fill the void? Why by treating themselves to more stuff of course thereby creating a vicious circle.

If you recognise yourself in this picture, it’s time to break the cycle. Real wealth and, therefore, freedom from the obligation to work doing something you don’t enjoy, comes from assets and from capital which generates income. A good income can create the appearance of wealth, but if you aren’t happy with your lot, it makes far more sense to use it to create real wealth and ultimate freedom by spending less than you earn.

One way out is by trading or investing. Trading platforms like the one at Trade fair are excellent in letting you try your hand at trading without putting real money down. This is a greta way to learn and to see whether you have what it takes. Any form of investing is a long-term game and you need to read all you can and remember that practise makes perfect.

Just remember that the reality is that people who earn high incomes and spend it all – and sometimes a lot more – are wage slaves. If their income dried up, so would the lifestyle. This may not be a problem for people in secure careers with jobs they love to do – but even they have to plan for retirement. And for those who work mainly for the money it brings, spending more than they earn is simply a contradiction.

Real wealth, on the other hand, brings financial freedom. And freedom from debt is the key to building income-producing assets. Some debt may be necessary or even financially advantageous, such as a mortgage, student debt, or a business loan, but generally speaking, debt is bad news for your pocket.

So start taking action to get yourself free and your future self will thank you for it.

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