Get Your ING Direct $25 New Account Bonuses!

I love my ING Direct Orange Savings account. Well, love is a strong word. I really like it because I get a much better interest rate than my main bank, but even better, YOU get money for opening an account too!

I just loaded up on some more $25 ING Direct referral links, so if you don’t have an account yet (and you’re interested in one) keep reading…

Your bonus for opening an account is $25 (and $10 for me) with a minimum opening deposit of $250. That’s an instant 10% return on your money 🙂

To receive this $25 bonus, you have to use one of the links below and you must be a new ING customer opening an account with at least $250. That means you can’t already have an ING Orange Savings or Electric Orange Checking account.

Orange Savings Account Referral Links

  • Open ING Direct Orange Savings Link 1
  • Open ING Direct Orange Savings Link 2
  • Open ING Direct Orange Savings Link 3
  • Open ING Direct Orange Savings Link 4
  • Open ING Direct Orange Savings Link 5

If you click on a link and it says, We’re sorry, but the referral link within the email you received has expired and is no longer valid. We recommend that you contact the sender and ask them to re-send the referral email. Or click Continue to proceed with the application process without the account opening bonus. Then the link has been used and move on to the next one (I’ll go ahead and clear it out soon).

Happy savings!

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