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Get Suze Orman’s “2009 Action Plan” book free for 1 week!

Suze Orman was on The Oprah Show today to promote her new book Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan. And you can get the book free by downloading it here before 1/15/2009. While I haven’t read her books yet, millions of women AND men swear to the value of Suze’s financial teachings.

And if you’re wondering, the download does in fact appear to be the entire book (over 200 pages, so don’t try to print it out).

I did get my sister the Women & Money audiobook for a late Christmas present, after reading about it in 50 Prosperity Classics (read my review here). Not sure if she’ll listen to it, but my mom is real excited to hear what Suze has to say! I didn’t know my mom was a fan until I mentioned the idea of gifting Women & Money, then she told me she loves watching Suze on TV. Who knew.

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