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Get Cash Back from Microsoft

By Shawn

Microsoft is really trying to build traffic for it’s search engine  In order to do this, they’ve partnered with several online retailers (including eBay) to offer cash back on purchases.  You can go to this site to see the full list of participating retailers.

How does the Microsoft Search Cashback Program work?

First you need to sign up for an account with  You will also need a paypal account.  This is how MIcrosoft will give you the cash back.

Currently, they are offering 25% cash back on all Ebay purchases.  The catch is that this won’t work on auction items — it will only work on “Buy It Now” purchases.  Other retailers have different percentages and terms.

To get the deal, you have to find the item through the live search engine.  First, sign in to both and eBay.  Next, search for what ever you want to find on Ebay in the search engine.

You should get some results with a paid ad for eBay at the top.  In the ad will be something like “Live Search Cashback“.  Click on this link and you’ll be taken to eBay via a special link in order to access the cashback offer.  To verify that you’ve done it correctly, there should be a little green banner at the top of the page that says “Microsoft Cash Back” with the percentage you’ll get back.  Once you’re at this page, you can use the normal eBay searches to refine.  Just make sure the banner stays — this is the only way you’ll get the cash back.

Click on the “Buy It Now” item for sale, and click the “Buy It Now” button. Enter the quantity you wish to buy and click “Continue”.  The next page is a confirmation page and will list the amount of cash back for this purchase.

How to claim the cashback

In order to claim the cash back, your cashback balance must be more than $5.  Also, the funds are held for 60 days just in case you decide to return the product.

Here is a set of Frequently Asked Questions about the service.

Upon reading, you only need a Paypal account if you’re going to shop at eBay.  Apparently, it’s the only way eBay can reliably report the sale to Microsoft.

With the holiday season approaching, getting some cold-hard cash back is a nice bonus if you’re out to buy some gifts, especially from the list of approved retailers.

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