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Get a Free Trial of Amazon Prime [2-Day Shipping Free]

Back in the spring when I had a job interview that required me to get a certain book very quickly, I decided to try out Amazon Prime since it gives me free 2nd Day Shipping and only $3.99 overnight shipping. I tried it for a full month, and now you too can get a one month free trial, in case you also wanted to try it yourself.

Update: I forgot to mention that I also saved a ton on shipping a portable air-conditioner unit using Amazon Prime because I had to be home when it arrived. By using the overnight shipping, I knew when to expect it.

With Amazon Prime, you get:

Fast Delivery

  • Unlimited Free Two-Day Shipping on millions of items
  • Upgrades to One-Day (Overnight) Shipping for just $3.99 per item
Simple Shopping

  • No minimum purchase required
  • Members-only 1-Click buttons on product pages
  • No need to think about shipping charges
Convenient Sharing

  • Members can share benefits with up to four family members living in the same household
Free Trial

  • Amazon Prime new subscribers are invited to try Amazon Prime free, for one month.

After the Free Trial period, customers will be automatically charged the $79 annual fee unless they choose not to upgrade to regular annual memberships at or before the end of the trial period. I was able to cancel online without a problem on the day the trial expired. I didn’t have to call anyone to do it.

If you wanted to try Amazon Prime for free for one month, click here or the image below:

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  • Glad to hear it was so easy to cancel.

    So I take it that you didn’t consider Amazon Prime worth the $79 fee? I keep thinking that one day I might actually want to seriously consider Amazon Prime, so I have been holding off on the free trial until I think I might be at that point. Any thoughts on the service?

  • @Richard, I just don’t buy much stuff, whether through Amazon or not, so for me the $79 wasn’t a value. However, people with large families or who just purchase often would find it useful because you don’t need to bunch up purchases to hit the $25 super saver threshold AND you get it in 2 days.

    As for service, it was standard Amazon. I didn’t have any problems, and I was even able to return a 120lb air-conditioner just as I would with any other product.

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