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Frugal Tip: Reuse the Light

When you live alone, it should be obvious that you should just use the light in the room you’re in. However, what about when you live with a spouse or roommate?

While not always practical (i.e. one is reading, one is watching TV), the most logical use of energy in your home is to congregate in the same room as your fellow housemates to reuse the light (and heat or A/C), rather than flipping on your own lamp.

Using the Daylight

When you’re at home and the sun is shining, think about opening the curtains and blinds a little wider to let the sun shine in, and then turning off the lights in place of the daylight. Again, this tip isn’t always practical, like on cloudy days, but if you can get by on nature’s lamp rather than the power company’s, then try to do so.

And while at the office, if you’re lucky enough to have a window (and your own light switch), turn off the light. Set an example and if enough coworkers follow it, the company might save enough money to give you a raise next year!

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  • For months I used to keep the office light off. I have a hug window behind me, and my own office. The CEO came in one day and told me that if I am in the office, my light needed to be on. Period. Some folks just don’t get on board with these things.

  • When reading during the afternoon I always open up the blinds to let natural light come in. It’s a pet peeve of mine when someone leaves the TV on when leaving a room or doesn’t turn off the lights. Not necessarily as a waste of money, just a pet peeve in general. Anyone else agree?

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