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From Prevention to Compensation: How to Deal With Three Common Injuries

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Knowing how to deal with physical injuries is not always easy, especially if you consider that they always happen unexpectedly.

Physical injuries can be a result of countless different reasons, and although you can never be ready for them, it is by all means useful to try to prevent for the most common ones and know how to deal with them – even from an economical point of view.

So here are are three common areas of physical injuries for American citizens and our recommended ways to prevent and deal with them.


Domestic falls are the leading cause of unintentional home injury deaths, according to the Home Safety Council. They are a particularly common occurrence for the elderly, with around 6 percent of older adults suffering injuries from a fall every year.

Needless to say, falls can have quite dramatic consequences. To prevent them, make sure you have adequate lighting in all of your rooms, and that your carpets are fixed to the floor.

The bathroom is often a scenario for slips: non-skid mats and grab bars are a must around the bath tub and shower. The room’s humidity can make the floors slippery, so a dehumidifier goes a long way in keeping your bathroom a safer place.

Your personal insurance will be the only one that can cover you if you fall in your own property, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them in case that happens.

If you happen to fall at someone else’s property instead, the homeowner’s insurance will cover some of the medical bills for your fall, however the owner himself will be responsible only in case of negligence. This might derive from slippery stairs or rugs without slip pads, so make sure to take a photo of the area where you fell if you want to prove the owner’s negligence.

Road crashes

The data about road crash in America is frightening because of the sheer amount of people involved, with 34,000 deaths on average per year. Although many more actually survive a car crash, not all of those who do receive proper compensation for their injuries.

Following a car crash you should always take the details of the other people involved, and as most drivers already know, car insurances will cover the damage that resulted and the associated medical bills.

Yet some road crashes can at first appear minor – so much so you don’t claim to be refunded for physical injuries immediately after.

Chances are that you might be feeling the consequences of whiplash or concussion days or weeks after the crash, and these would not be covered unless you go through personal injury solicitors. This is not the most common occurrence, yet you shouldn’t forget that this solution is available if you are the unlucky victim of this kind of injury.


Poisoning alone causes 5,000 deaths per year across America, most of them deriving from the wrong usage of medicines. Prescription drugs can have unpredictable consequences if mixed with incompatible ones, or if followed by alcohol consumption.

So before taking any medicine, you should always read the label carefully and make sure you don’t mix it with any other medicine soon after unless prescribed by your doctor.

Household and chemical poisoning is the second most-common factor for domestic poisoning, and one that requires you to be very attentive when using chemical components for cleaning up your house or do work in your garage. So never mix household medical products and never store them in containers otherwise used for food. In case of emergency, don’t hesitate to contact your local poison center at 1-800-222-1222.

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