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Freight train car horn

I’ve really been wanting one of these for a while. My uncle had one installed on his van about 15 years ago, and I wished I had something a little bit extra to move along those slow drivers in the left lane, or let those little punks who cut me off know they came a too close to my vehicle:

Hornblasters Air Horns for Cars

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  • These are illegal in many areas, and for good cause. A train whistle means “there’s a train coming,” and the sound of a train whistle within mere feet of you when no train is visible an obvious is license to panic. It would be like equipping one’s car with an air raid siren, in 1943. Not a bright idea.

  • That’s funny if you are kidding. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s not so much funny if you are really going to install one of those – getting attention is one thing and “startling” is another thing. If your neighboring driver (or drivers) panic because of the horn, you will be in bigger trouble. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • does anyone else notice a pattern here? Problems with fellow Elevators passengers, verbal attacking of fellow subway train riders, and now wanting to let loose an ultra loud noise at “slow drivers” and “little punks.”

    Angry Dude, perhaps you should check out this blog post over at ZenHabits:

    It seems like you’re ready to pop.
    Why so angry? How can you calm yourself inside instead of raging at others?

    Wishing you peace and hoping you don’t hurt anyone including yourself.

  • My coworker said I should register angrydude dot com, but it’s already taken.

    Yes, I seem to be pretty frustrated, annoyed and angry lately. I need some yoga or something.

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