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Free High-Speed Internet Access from Google – TiSP

Google is offering a revolutionary mode of data transport called TiSP for free! Speeds are at least 10x DSL, and higher speeds (up to 40x DSL) cost only $24.95 a month.

What’s new about this system? Well, you utilize your sewer system to connect to your local FiOS network.

Check out the free TiSP service at Google’s website:

Here’s some of the benefits, as listed on their site:

* It’s fast. In our testing, TiSP delivers a 10x higher flow rate than basic DSL.
* It’s FREE. No more paying hundreds of dollars a year for Internet service that doesn’t even necessarily extend to your bathroom!
* It’s good for you. Your FREE TiSP service includes a Google Toolbar-based analysis of your dietary habits and genetic predispositions, along with recommendations for healthier living.

P.S. – Happy April Fool’s Day!

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