Football Fanatics: Cheer on Your Team, Without Breaking the Bank

football-1666274_640Watching your favorite team play during the football season can be one of the easiest and most exciting ways to bond with family members and friends. However, when you’re a sports fan on a budget, football season can drain your wallet along with your team spirit relatively quick. It is one thing to be invited to a party and only have to pay for a side of chip dip, but totally another when the majority of sports fanatics spend a lot more than this during a single game.

Rising Prices at the Stadium

According to CNN, over the last ten years, football tickets have increased more than 50%, beer prices have increased 35% and parking rates have more than doubled. Ticket prices to go to a single football game can range anywhere between $54 (for the worst team in the league) and $118 (for the best team in the league). Over a hundred dollars per ticket for one day is a large commitment, especially when you’re not the only one in the family that wants to participate in the fun. This price does not factor in the cost for gas, tailgating before the game, or parking which can range anywhere between $20 and $50. Nor does it include the price of food and beverages or the price of stadium merchandise. In reality, a single football game can cost a family of three or four just short of a grand.

If you’re like most average Americans, and cannot afford a family trip to the football stadium of your choice every Sunday, the most cost efficient option is to watch it on TV. One of many ways to make the most out of your football experience is to watch it through the NFL Sunday Ticket – DIRECTV. Watching the game at home with a small group of friends/ family members is a great way to maximize the use of your time and income in between work weeks.

Resist the Temptation to Go Out

It is almost effortless to cut down on spending money when you’re in the comfort of your own home. Ironically, it is painless to get excited at bars and order a lot of drinks when the game gets intense. However, all that excitement vanishes the moment you receive the bill from the “few drinks” that seemed harmless at the time becomes the reason you have a large dent in your once full wallet. Therefore, limiting your time at a place with such easy access to overspend will save you a significant amount of money. Not only that, but if you learn to cook your favorite football bar/restaurant meals at home you can eliminate the cost to dine in and tip for every meal. For example, you can find ways to make Buffalo wings in just three easy steps.

Invite Friends Over for a Watch Party

You won’t just save money by forfeiting a day at a stadium or bar, you can also save money by throwing a potluck party. Inviting friends and encouraging them to bring their favorite dish to the party is extremely easy and fun!  Potluck dinners are affordable and provide a simple way for everyone to pitch in for the price of the game. Since you’ll provide the TV (and the dishes), you can put someone else in charge of the dessert, chips, drinks and chicken. This way, you’ll spend no money on a party besides a TV subscription that you can use the entire month. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal in comparison to spending hundreds of dollars for one day of fun!

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