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Five ways to look after your money in the casino


If you’re looking into going away this summer, you might be looking to go all out and head to a casino haven like Vegas, Macau or Monte Carlo. While gambling holidays may seem like an impossible dream for some cash-strapped folk, if you look into casinos in Minnesota here you’ll see that there are affordable gambling vacations available. There are also ways that you can look after your money if you play your cards right here are a few tips to look after your money in the casino.

Shop around

With the economic downturn, there is a generally less interest in the land-based casino market, so casino vacation destinations are doing all they can to get customers through the doors once again. You can make the most of this by shopping around for deals many airlines are now joining forces with casinos and even theatres to give you the best package deals out there. Try looking for a little inspiration at Las Vegas Travel Deals.

Time your visit

Casinos like to capitalize on vacation peak seasons, so try to schedule your trip away in an out of season time of the year. December to March, for example, is comparatively less popular in Las Vegas, while you can find a better deal in Atlantic City between January and May. Though temperatures may be cooler during these times, with the temptation of the casinos, you’ll have no need to worry about what’s going on outside. If you’re going away for a short break, try to avoid visiting the big cities on the weekends they are notorious for having higher starting bets on tables and bigger drinks prices.

Practice, practice, practice

I cannot stress this one enough you wouldn’t run a marathon without training, so you definitely should not bet without practicing some of the best known casino games first. Playing online is a great way of brushing up on your card game and slot skills without having to leave the house. Websites like Gaming Club also offer the opportunity for the user to have a practice round without depositing any money, so you can look after your buck and maybe even raise a dollar or two to fund your trip.

Only bet what you can afford to lose

This should be common sense for most, but the temptation to carry on spending once you’re on a losing streak can be all too great, whether you’re on a blackjack table or playing the slots. The best way to budget yourself is to agree a limit that you’re going to spend each evening, both in terms of time and money. Take cash out with you and nothing else avoid the temptation to take your credit card to ensure you don’t spend more than you can afford.

Another mantra you need to learn is quit while you’re ahead there’s nothing more satisfying than walking away with more chips than you started with.

Go to the right casinos

Betters who don’t like to part with their money can play smaller bets if they know where to go. During the week and at ‘quiet periods’ during the day, blackjack, craps and poker tables are likely to have lower starting bets, with some as little as $5. What’s more, certain casinos are well known amongst seasoned gamblers for having lower starting bets if you’re in Las Vegas, for example, try Casino Royale or O’Sheas for guaranteed lower minimum spends.

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  • I have not yet experience playing in the casino but I really love to!
    I hear my aunt says it’s fun, but you have to be an expert so that you will not waste your money. So definitely, I must be trained first. lol 😀

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