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First EVER 3-way tie on Jeopardy!

I sat in amazement tonight while watching Jeopardy! (can’t forget the exclamation point) when I saw a fellow man from Maryland wager just enough to TIE him with the other two contestants.

Two contestants had $8,000 before Final Jeopardy! and he had about $13,400 (give or take). All three answered Bonnie Parker, and the first two wagered $8,000 to get them up to $16,000.

My guy from Maryland decided to wager $2,600. Why not $2,601? I don’t know.

But, all three move on to play each other on Monday, and they all got to take home their $16,000 winnings from tonight. However, my favorite quote came from an AP Entertainment article:

The show contacted a mathematician who calculated the odds of such a three-way tie happening — one in 25 million.

How do you calculate the probability of STUPID?

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  • I totally see what you’re saying, but then again, I like to hope that some people who are out there are not greedy. Since it’s a winner-take-all situation on Jeopardy, it definitely seems like it would be a “nice” thing to do to purposely tie 3 ways so that everyone gets some cash. I don’t know if this was really the person’s intent or not though.

  • He wanted to tie in order to make Jeopardy! history. I think he also figures he could take down these guys easier than two new contestants, so why not drag them along to the next show and give them a sound trashing?

    I expect in a few weeks we’ll be discussing whether or not this guy could be the next Ken Jennings. I expect he could be, and maybe he made this move so people will root for him even more than Jennings.

  • I think the article actually said the odds are much more likely than that because it’s not completely random in that the players have information when wagering.

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