Finally Getting Around to Getting that Website Built at Long Last?

Cleverdude_vacationbudgetpicEarlier we broke down some simple activities you could engage in to make the most of your down time.

Did you know that creating a webpage is another fun-to-learn and easy-to-do method for staying busy and adding some real value to your life?

If you’re a business owner, the benefits can be highlighted immediately. Setting aside that in the 21st century you look a bit out-of-date if someone asks for your business’ URL and you come back with nothing, websites provide an instant face for your business (especially when you don’t have the money for television advertising or other forms of marketing).

A website can be accessed all hours of the day, and with the right design strategies, is easily accessible through search engines. This means you can put your business out at all hours of the day, usually at a minimal cost to you. The interactivity and potential to tailor a website experience to your user base increases customer relations, so instead of just getting your name out, you’re creating a connection with potential clients through the power of the internet.

If you’re savvy and can incorporate video as well, then you can even provide a handy bit of informational/entertaining service focused on your business, your industry at large, or a combination of the two.

“Great”, you say, “but I don’t own a business!”.  Don’t be fooled. Having a personal website is just as important in today’s increasingly online-focused world, as it turns out hiring managers look to a potential employee’s personal webpage above other factors when making judgments about job applicants.

The benefits only continue to grow from there. Having a webpage makes you as an individual searchable. Instead of carpet bombing employer after employer with resumes, your resume is posted everywhere for all to see. If you can manage your website effectively enough to climb to the top of some search engine rankings, it creates additional value for you as an employee.

After all, doing so requires some hefty web skills, like SEO, content strategy, and solid writing ability. If you don’t already have those talents, learning through doing is the best way to obtain them. By going through the process of building your own page, you are effectively training your mind and picking up new skills, ones that go far in the job market.

Even if you aren’t in it for the potential employment benefits, creating a website gives you your very own platform over which you have complete control. You can now broadcast your knowledge and passion on a wide scale, by writing, talking, or creating videos about subjects on which you have some particular insight. You want to show off your automotive expertise, for example, host a car blog on your site.

If you think you have some chops in front of the camera and like to share your thoughts on gadgets, you can start a video review series. The possibilities for expression are limitless, and finding your niche is a great option for honing and showcasing your creativity.

Where most people get tripped up is in how to get started. If you’re not familiar with making websites, you may be under the mistaken impression that it isn’t something you can do on your own. Perhaps you believe that you don’t have the talent, time, or temperament to create the site?

The barriers to entry are much lower than ever before. Maybe you feel a website about yourself would be narcissistic, and you don’t have the personality to share any details about your life? You should bear in mind that the personal webpage isn’t necessarily about sharing private moments, it can be a way to maintain a professional identity. Most likely, you probably feel like you don’t have enough money to get a site constructed.

You should know that using a free website builderis a rather common practice nowadays. Even if you factor in the cost purchasing a domain name and web hosting, you’re looking at a cost of less than $100/year. Affordable, when you consider the immense benefits that come with it.

Whether you’re a creative type looking to showcase their body of work, a professional establishing their authoritative web presence, or just the average guy or gal looking to share their perspective, building that first site is an essential goal that you shouldn’t procrastinate on any longer!

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