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Fighting society and the norm for your children

Friend and reader Shawn forwarded this article to me. published an article by Fr. Johnathan Morris on “How to Raise Your Children to be Model Adults”. Now before you write off the article because it’s by a priest, I’ll put out there that I agree with everything he recommends.

For example:

Know the media content your children are ingesting and do your best to eliminate the negative elements without forcing your children into the dark ages. An open Internet connection or TV in their bedrooms is never a good idea. An unregulated cell phone is also dangerous.

He provides basic, common sense information for raising good kids, but not all of us listen to our common sense. Often, we need to hear someone else say it before it sounds right in our own ears.

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  • I completely agree. I am not yet a parent, but it frustrates me when I hear news stories about parents blaming the government or companies for not protecting their children. This is not to say that each group may not have some responsibility to help create family friendly environments or entertainment, but it is up to the PARENTS to know what their kids are watching or who they are talking too. I don’t think it is a perfect system, and there will always be ways for kids to get around it, but the important thing is to be active in a child’s life and not let technology do all the babysitting.

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