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Festival of Frugality #77 Highlights

You’ve heard me say that I’m a big fan of the Festival of Frugality before, and this week was no exception. I love reading articles about frugality because it’s quite hard to NOT put in “a bit of yourself” in the articles. The topics are usually more readily applicable to my own life than articles about investing or credit cards. That is, frugality is something I can work on and practice every day of my life.

This week, David from My Two Dollars hosted the Festival of Frugality #77, and as usual, I found quite a number of interesting articles to read. Here’s some of my favorites:

  • Frugal Journey posts a number of things to which to say NO! Overall, I agree with most of the statements. We’ve restricted our dining out to just weekends (except for my lunches, but I try (TRY!) to pack lunch when I can. Also, I don’t care what anyone says, I’m still playing the lottery!
  • We’re in Debt talks about saving money by buying less. How many times did you buy something you didn’t need (or even want) just because you felt you were getting more “bang for your buck”? For example, how about that combo meal when all you wanted was the sandwich. Then when you’re done eating, you feel all bloated and full and disgusting. (That happens to me way too often at lunchtime).
  • Budget Dial complains about some frugal ideas that are just too gross. Her examples deal with saving soap, but here’s my own method for making soap last longer. Don’t let your bar of soap sit in water or get hit by water during a shower. What makes soap break down other than rubbing it? Water. I can’t stand picking up a bar of soap that’s all mushy from sitting in a little puddle of water!
  • My Two Dollars (yes, the host) wrote up a great articles of how the Entertainment Book can save you hundreds of dollars each year. We’ve been buying the book each year, and through various discounts and promotions, have gotten it for about half price (even at the beginning of the season). I’ve also mentioned some of our own ways to save on dining out and shopping, including the Entertainment Book. Yes, we could also save money by not spending it, but what’s the fun in that. At least with the book you get buy one, get one free meals at many places you otherwise couldn’t afford! We’ve tried dozens of restaurants in our area over the years thanks to the book.
  • Mapgirl posts about buying cut flowers remotely. Why do I, as a guy, care about buying flowers? Because, since the day we got married, I promised my wife (all on my own) to always have fresh flowers for her in the house. Some weeks the flowers aren’t as fresh as others, but it’s only about $10-$20 per month to bring more beauty into the home, and to make my wife happy. I keep them in a vase on the dining room table where she sits every morning for breakfast. Right now we have a spring bouquet I purchased for $8 from Safeway, and I expect to last for at least 2 weeks as long as I change the water and keep them cut.
  • And finally, Frugal Upstate talks about her deviled egg debacle. Need I say more?

Be sure to enjoy the rest of the Festival of Frugality!

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