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Festival of Frugality #71 Recap

As I stated last week, I like articles about frugality. Why? Because they almost always have a strong personal story behind them. The Festival of Frugality #71 is no exception.

Here are some of my picks for the festival:

  • Money Walks has a great comparison of Cheap vs Frugal. Don’t be Cheap!
  • The Silicon Valley Blogger has a great, detailed article about how much it costs to own car and what affects the car’s ownership costs
  • Personal Finance Advice gives us some ways to cut grocery costs without clipping coupons. I agree that ethnic stores sell many groceries for much less than chain stores, but I don’t speak Spanish or Mandarin, so I’m at a loss to translate whether that jarred substance is a meat, vegetable or “other” substance. I very adventurous with food, but I’d like to have SOME idea about what I can do with the ingredient.
  • Baselle, a botanist, gives us a number of tips for how to pick the perfect fruit.
  • Money Smart Life gives a good rundown of saving money on shipping costs when buying online
  • Phil for Humanity teaches us that rechargeable batteries can be recycled, as well as some other important information for disposing of batteries.
  • My Simpler Life has 20 ways to prevent spending. However, I guess you should ignore any tips that tell you to read a book since it would cost money? 😉
  • And finally, Zen Habits describes how to set your finances on autopilot (aka Automagical, which my old coworker thought was a term he coined). You may not realize all the ways you can automate your spending, saving and investing.


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