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Festival of Frugality #68: Clever Picks

This past week, I participated in my first Festival of Frugality. Just like a Carnival, it’s a mix of articles from various writers about a certain topic. Can you guess what this festival was about?

This week, a fellow D.C. resident who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, Mapgirl, hosted the 68th Festival of Frugality.

I submitted my own article about dethatching your lawn as a “frugal workout”. Here are some other highlights of the festival:

  • Amy at PFAdvice has a great article on dining out on a budget. We use coupons almost everywhere we dine (see our article for some more tips on dining coupons). I also like how Amy mentions Ethiopian food. It’s by far my favorite cuisine and readily available in D.C. (the largest Ethiopian population outside Ethiopia). I’m also planning a review of a new local Ethiopian cafe here in Maryland.
  • Financial Hack mentions numerous benefits of living a low-cost lifestyle. I myself have a VERY strong urge to get rid of all our non-home debt, but I had trouble qualifying all the reasons why. FH has helped out my own arguments. Thanks!
  • John at Queercents questions using a coupon on the first date. Personally, I think it’s an excellent test of your potential future mate. If they expect you to spend needlessly to romance them, perhaps they’ll expect it when you’re a more permanent couple. Granted, I myself always have fresh flowers for my wife at our home since we got married (I made that promise to her), but I try to get a decent mix for $8 rather than a beautiful bouquet for $20. Romance doesn’t always have to be expensive!
  • Shadox from Money and Such explains some ways you can use credit cards to get OUT of debt. We’re actually using a credit card balance transfer to pay off our Chevy Malibu with a lower interest rate. You can see our debt scale on the right sidebar. Currently, it stands at about $8700 left to pay of the original $15000 by August. We’re still on track.
  • Cap and Noah from MyMint post a great rundown of various ways to reduce your expenses. We’ve seen alot of these methods all over the place, but they’ve collected them into a single article.

There are even more great articles that I didn’t highlight over at the Festival. I personally like this festival because it always has great personal stories and ways to save money and live frugally.

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  • Thanks for the link repost!

    Hey, good job on the Malibu debt repayment. It’s an inspiration. I am having a fiscal challenge right now, as the blog name states.

  • Thanks for the link to my post about using credit cards to get out of debt. Using a credit card offer to reduce the rate of on your car payments is another great idea. I will add it to the original post with a link back here.

  • My wife and I were just there in November for a conference, but of course I wouldn’t have known you then. Not sure when we’ll get back there now. Sure was nice, even though we couldn’t ever afford living there (even with our DC salaries I think).

  • Great links man! Ways to reduce expenses always helps, haha.

    O btw, that is pretty cool you always have flowers for your wife. Interesting thinking about the future implications of for instance using a coupon on a date. Never really thought about it!

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