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Exclusive Shopping Discounts Are One-Click Away for 40 Million AARP Members Using Billeo’s Offer Assistant

The following is a press-release I received from Billeo. Generally I don’t post press-releases as I find them generic, but I am changing my policy if I see it is something my readers may find useful. I have no affiliation with Billeo. – Clever Dude



SANTA CLARA, Calif. March 24, 2010 Billeo ( a suite of Online Assistants that save people time and money in all types of online transactions, from shopping to bill pay today added AARP membership-based discounts to its Offer Assistant. By automatically showing thousands of discounts and deals from the loyalty and rewards programs of banks, retailers, Microsoft’s Bing, credit card issuers and now AARP, Billeo’s Offer Assistant makes it convenient for online shoppers to find high-value offers right when they search for products and services in Google, Yahoo! or Bing.

AARP has a dedicated team surfacing hundreds of valuable discounts at hotels, airlines, retailers, and other companies and organizations, to help its members save money. Billeo’s Offer Assistant ensures that members know about these specials and use them when they are shopping online. If each of AARP’s 40 million members used Billeo’s Offer Assistant and spent at least $500 while shopping online, members could save $2 billion annually.

“It’s our belief that you should have easy access to as many online discounts and deals as possible available through your loyalty programs,” said Murali Subbarao, founder and CEO of Billeo. “With more than a third of our users over 50 and therefore eligible for AARP membership, it was a no-brainer for us to add AARP to the stable of programs we support.”

To take advantage of these discounts, AARP members simply visit to download the free Billeo toolbar, which includes the newly upgraded Offer Assistant. After selecting AARP as a preferred rewards program under the Offer Assistant’s Loyalty Program Selector, members will automatically see every AARP discount in their Google, Yahoo! or Bing search results. Once they click on a specific discount, Billeo guides them through the purchase process to ensure they reap their rewards.

For even more savings, AARP members using the Billeo toolbar can “double-dip” their discounts and rewards. For example, a member paying for a purchase with a debit or credit card tied to a rewards program can add the AARP discount on top of the card’s own special offer.

Billeo saves consumers time and money when shopping online. In addition to the Offer Assistant, users can take advantage of Billeo’s other online tools:

  • The Password Assistant to autofill login information at shopping sites
  • The Shopping Assistant to autofill checkout forms with address, billing and payment details
  • A receipt saver that stores every payment confirmation in one place

Billeo has presented millions of offers to online shoppers since unveiling its Offer Assistant in September 2009, saving them an average of 8 percent on each purchase. To discover what kind of savings Billeo’s Offer Assistant can give you, please visit


About Billeo, Inc.

Billeo provides a suite of Online Assistants that save people time and money in all types of online transactions, from shopping to bill pay. Its latest tool, the Offer Assistant, delivers high-quality discounts and deals from the loyalty programs of major card programs such as American Express, Visa and others with no work required. Billeo was founded by seasoned executives well-versed in the online shopping and bill payment spaces. Over 40 banks, six of the top 10 card issuers, and more than 1,500 merchants are part of the trusted Billeo network. For more information about Billeo visit

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