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Excellent Stocking Stuffer: Nuru Personal Finance Cards [plus a giveaway]

When the folks at Nuru asked me to review their new product, I was a little skeptical. I mean c’mon, it’s a deck of cards with personal finance topics. Why would I pay $10 for 30 cards when I could pay that much for a whole book of knowledge? But I agreed to review the product.

Would I buy the Nuru Personal Finance Cards?

I won’t make you wait till the end to find out if I can recommend the cards. The answer is: Yes, but I’ll qualify this with “as a gift“.

While I found that I knew most of the information on the cards, they were written with some personal perspective to add another dimension to the topic. In other words, they weren’t written as dry, dictionary-like flash cards. They use real-world examples to illustrate concepts like:

  • Time Value of Money
  • Annuity
  • Stocks
  • REIT
  • ARM loans
  • and of course Credit Cards

The cards have a hole in the corner and come with a metal hoop to keep them together (very handy). The pack also comes with a registration code that lets you access the cards’ information online anytime and some other advertised goodies. I’m still in the process of registering the cards, so I’ll have to check back on this later.

But since I’m already well-versed in personal finance, I probably wouldn’t buy the cards for myself. But I’m definitely considering them for Christmas gifts, especially for my teen relatives. Since our budget for them is usually $20, these cards would package nicely with something else small. In fact, I’m really interested to check out Nuru’s Exercise Anywhere cards as another gift idea, even for myself.

Nuru says they’re continually coming out with new card decks (they came out with 4 more since I first got the PF deck).

Win a pack of Nuru Personal Finance Cards

Next week, I’ll be giving away 3 decks of the Personal Finance cards. I’ll probably give one deck away via comment entries, and the others to subscribers (you’ll see a special message in your RSS feed or email).

So if you want to gain a leg up on the competition for next week, consider subscribing to my RSS feed or to my email updates!

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